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NEET Removed Syllabus 2024 Chemistry: NEET Chemistry syllabus has been decreased for 2024. Check right here the record of devices and subjects got rid of from Chemistry syllabus to keep away from studying inappropriate subjects for NEET 2024. Also, download NEET Chemistry revised syllabus in PDF.

Check out the removed syllabus of NEET Chemistry for 2024

Check out the got rid of syllabus of NEET Chemistry for 2024

Removed Syllabus of NEET Chemistry 2024: The National Medical Commission (NMC) has launched the revised NEET UG syllabus for the clinical front examination, NEET, to be hung on May 5, 2024. As in line with the revised syllabus, the authority has got rid of, added and changed some topics in all 3. Subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 can be carried out at the foundation of revised syllabus handiest. Therefore, applicants will have to take note of the deleted and added syllabus to review the best subject material for NEET 2024 preparation.

In this text, we now have equipped NEET Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2024. We have introduced the unit-wise main points of the got rid of topics in addition to the names of the devices which were totally got rid of from the NEET syllabus for the 2024 exam. Apart from the deleted syllabus, we now have additionally incorporated the ones topics or devices that have been added to the brand new syllabus and that have been now not part of the outdated NEET syllabus.

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Check underneath the record of devices which were got rid of from NEET UG 2024 Chemistry syllabus:

NEET Chemistry Syllabus 2024 Units Removed

neet chemistry syllabus 2024

magnificence 11 deleted chapters

neet chemistry syllabus 2024

magnificence 12 deleted chapters

1.States of Matter (Physical Chemistry)

1.Solid State (Physical Chemistry)

2.Hydrogen (Inorganic Chemistry)

2.Surface Chemistry (Physical Chemistry)

3.S-Block (Inorganic Chemistry)

3.Metallurgy (Inorganic Chemistry)

4.Environmental Chemistry (Biological Chemistry)

4. Polymer (Organic Chemistry)

5. Chemistry in Everyday Life (Organic Chemistry)

Check underneath the detailed record of unit-wise deleted and added topics for NEET 2024:

neet chemistry syllabus 2024 Unit-wise deleted and added subjects

unit title

Deleted subjects

subjects added

Unit: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

General Introduction: Importance and scope of chemistry.

topic and its nature,

Unit II: Atomic Structure

atomic quantity, isotope, isobar

Nature of electromagnetic radiation, photoelectric impact; Spectrum of the hydrogen atom. Bohr’s style of the hydrogen atom – its postulates, derivation of members of the family for the power of the electron and the radii of quite a lot of orbitals, barriers of Bohr’s style;

Elementary concepts of quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics, quantum mechanical style of the atom, its vital homes.

Unit: Classification of components and periodicity in homes


s, p, d and f block components

Oxidation states and chemical reactivity

Unit: chemical bonding and molecular construction


Kosel–Lewis option to chemical bond formation,

Concept of bond order, bond duration and bond power

Elementary concept of ​​steel bonding.

Unit: States of topic

complete unit got rid of

Unit: thermodynamics

Introduction to entropy as a state serve as

Third legislation of thermodynamics- temporary advent.

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics: System and setting, in depth and extensive homes,

Types of state purposes, processes

Unit: Solution

forms of answers

forms of answers

Vapor drive – construction, plot for very best and non-ideal answers

Unit: stability



Unit: redox reactions



Unit: hydrogen

complete unit deleted

Unit: s-block components

complete unit got rid of

Unit: p-block components


Group 15, 16, 17 and 18 components

Unit: some elementary rules Of natural Chemistry


Tetravalency of carbon: shapes of easy molecules – hybridization (s and p)

Homologous Series: Isomerism – Structural and Stereoisomerism.

Unit: hydrocarbon

Alkene – Mechanism of electrophilic addition.

Aromatic Hydrocarbons-Carcinogenicity and Toxicity.

Alkanes – Analogies: Sawhorse and Newman

halogenation of alkanes

estimate (of ethane)

Unit: environmental chemistry

complete unit got rid of

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We are within the strategy of sorting the outdated and new syllabus to record the themes got rid of and added for the rest devices. Stay tuned to us for extra updates on NEET Chemistry Removed Syllabus 2024.

Two new devices had been added to the NEET Chemistry syllabus 2024 which can be as follows:

New devices added to NEET chemistry syllabus 2024

unit title


Unit: Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds

  • Purification – Crystallization. Sublimation, Distillation, Differential Extraction, Chromatography – Principles and their programs
  • Qualitative research – detection of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus and halogens
  • Quantitative research (basics handiest) – carbon estimation. Hydrogen. Nitrogen. Halogen. Sulphur. Phosphorus.
  • Empirical Formulas and Calculation of Molecular Formulas: Numerical Problems in Organic Quantitative Analysis

Unit 20: Principles Related to Applied Chemistry

detection of extra components (nitrogen, sulfur, halogens) in natural compounds; Detection of the next useful teams in natural compounds, hydroxyl (alcohols and phenolic), carbonyl (aldehydes and ketones) carboxyl and amino teams.

Chemistry is concerned within the preparation of the next:

  • Inorganic compounds: Mohr’s salt, potash alum
  • Organic Compounds: Acetanilide, p-Nitro Acetanilide, Aniline Yellow, Iodoform
  • Chemistry coated in titratable observe – Acids. Bases and Uses of Indicators, Oxalic-Acid vs KMnO4Mohr’s salt vs KMnO4
  • Chemical rules eager about qualitative salt research
    Cation- Pb2+Why2+al3+Fe3+, Zn2+Prohibit2+CA2+B. A2+MG2+NH4,
    Anion-CO32-S2-so42-No3,No2,CI,br,, I,(now not together with insoluble salts)

Chemical rules concerned within the following experiments:
1. Enthalpy of answer of CuSO4
2. Enthalpy of neutralization of robust acid and robust base
3. Preparation of Lyophilic and Lyophobic Sols
4. Kinetic learn about of the response of iodide ions with hydrogen peroxide at room temperature.

The aid in NEET Chemistry syllabus for 2024 is predicted to have a favorable affect on scholars’ exam arrangements as they now have extra time to concentrate on the rest topics and get ready extra successfully for the exam.

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