Channa Mereya 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni confronts Adi about his pain

Channa Mereya 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni confronts Adi about his pain

Channa Mereya 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni confronts Adi about his pain

Channa Mereya Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Ginni arrives at the lair and says that it seems that Adi keeps her memories here. She looks around her and says that he has put everything here very carefully, which means that she is deeply in love when she does it. She found some clothes along with a box in the closet. She misses Adi. She opens it to find some toys inside. She looks at the photos of baby Adi and his mother inside and smiles. She says that she looks cute when she smiles, I just want to know what hurts her now. She opens a diary and sees that it is her mother’s diary. She reads the message to Adi, who says that she always smiles. Adi gets there and snatches the diary from here. Ginny freaks out. Adi says you want to piss me off, do you like being inside? Ginni says but this diary… Adi says come with me. He takes her out of the lair and tells her let’s go.

Sharja tells Sam that they will have a reception tomorrow, I think Darji and Supreet are behind this plan. Darji, Supreet and Amber arrive there. Darji says that it is time to announce it to the world.

Adi takes Ginni to her room and sits with her. She says that I will remind you one last time that you are in this house for Darji, so don’t touch my things. Ginni says I want to talk to you. Adi says, who told you about my lair? Ginni says I saw you going there. Adi says why do you keep spying on people? I suspect that maybe you married me intentionally, maybe Sharjah is right that you are greedy. Ginni says that I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I know you’re trying to act tough, but you’re not. You think I’m selfish and deceitful, but what are you doing? Being tricked by Sam? That’s why you can’t hear me. You have carefully kept your mother’s room, but have you read her words to her? You have become an angry man, but he never wanted that for you. Adi asks him to stop, I have become like this because of Amber Raj Singh. Ginni says yes, you blame your father for your actions, you are always angry because you are angry with yourself for not saving your mother, your anger is killing you inside, you are behind your scary face, hiding a scared child . Adi asks him to stop him. Ginni says you can’t hear the truth? At least for your mother’s sake, she gets out of this anger. Adi gets angry and is about to hit the wall, but he sees the photo of his mother there. He stops. Ginni says to break things to take out her anger. Adi says don’t talk about my mother. Ginni says I’ll talk, but why are you quiet? Yell at me what you want, take out your anger and your pain. I’m sorry to break into your personal space, but I wanted to see what you’re hiding. If you keep the pain hidden inside you, people will use it against you, like Sam is doing. Armaan hides and listens to all this. Akash gets there and says that Darji is calling both of them. Ginni starts to leave with Akash, she finds Armaan outside the room, she walks out of there.

Ginni comes to the family. Darji thanks Akash for bringing Ginni there and asks him to leave. Akash then promises Ginni that she will play with him and leaves. Supreet tells the family that people are asking questions about Adi’s marriage, so we will host a reception tomorrow and introduce Adi’s wife to the media. Sam wonders if Ginni has convinced Supreet to accept him. Supreet says we have decided. Adi comes in and says wait a minute, this is my personal business and I’ve already decided what I’m going to do. He tells Ginni that he has 24 hours to be here and then she will say goodbye to her. Sam smiles. Adi tells the family that tomorrow I will introduce my life partner to the media. He takes Sam’s hand and looks at Ginny. He takes her from there. Ginny prays to God that Sam will stop cheating on Adi. Sharja says that Adi has already decided, so let’s start preparing. She says that my husband Anand was sent to work because he is gullible. Amber says that at least she’s trying to be helpful for once. The darji asked him to be quiet. Sharja says that I am happy that we will be free from this dhaba girl after Parv. Ginni thinks I have to get the truth out in 24 hours.

PRECAP – Sam hands Ginni a rope and says this is my gift to you, when Adi accepts me in front of the world tomorrow you can use it to kill yourself. Ginni says that you will need it when your truth comes out. On the other hand, Adi tells Darji that I am ready for dinner tomorrow, Darji says that I trust you. Adi says that tomorrow my partner will be what I deserve. Ginni prays to God to give her strength.

Update Credits: Atiba

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