Channa Mereya 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi shows affection towards Ginni

Channa Mereya 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi shows affection towards Ginni

Channa Mereya 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi shows affection towards Ginni

Channa Mereya Sep 21, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Armaan asks Adi if she’s doing all this out of guilt, but should you worry about Ginni feeling guilty? You have never been to a Gurudwara, so why did you come here for Ginni? You can say you did it for humanity, but how did you stand on one leg all night for Ginni? Ginny saved you from Sam and now she risked her life for you. Adi says I’ll ask her when she’ll wake up, but no one has ever done anything like that for me, I didn’t know what to do, so I remembered that my mother used to come here and pray. She had forgotten these paths but Ginni remembered this place again. Armaan says I was trying for years to get you to show your pent up feelings but I couldn’t do that, now you’re showing your feelings so it must be Ginni’s magic on you? You have to ask yourself, who is Ginny to you? How do you feel about him? Think about it.

The doctor examines Ginni and says that she is stable now. Ginni wakes up and asks about Adi. Outside the OT, Armaan takes Adi to the hospital and he limps. Armaan asks what happened to you? Adi says that Ginni saved my life so that I can at least do this for her. Amber believes that Ginni has now gained Adi’s trust, she will now try to act like a goddess in front of him. The doctor gets there and says that Ginni woke up and asked about Adi first. Adi remembers Armaan’s words. Armaan says I’ll take you inside. He leads her into Ginni’s room and closes the door. Amber is worried and thinks that Ginni doesn’t remember much, otherwise she will be in trouble.

Adi sits in Ginni’s wardroom as she sleeps, the nurse tells her we’ll monitor her, call me if you need anything, and leaves. Adi gets sad and sees Ginni sleeping. Ginni murmurs Adi’s name in her sleep. Adi strokes her head to calm her down, caresses her face and looks at her fondly. He holds her hand tightly. Ginni wakes up and sees that he is looking at her with concern and her tears well up in her eyes. Ginni tries to get up from her but he asks her to lie down from her. Ginni asks is she okay? Adi wipes away her tears and says why did you take a pill for me? Why did you save my life? Ginni says that relationships are built without logic, right? Adi looks at her, they both stare at each other. At this time am plays. Adi says what if something happens to you? What would he have said to your mother? How can you have so much power? Ginni says that I know that nothing can happen to me when you and God are with me. Adi takes her hand and pats her head. Amber watches them from the window and thinks that if Sam can cheat on Adi, then Adi can be completely under Ginni now that she’s taken a bullet for him, she’ll do everything she can to keep this relationship going. I just want to make sure Ginni doesn’t miss a thing.

In the morning, when Adi sleeps in Ginni’s room. The family members arrive there, but Adi asks them to leave. Everyone leaves. Adi keeps reminding Ginni to take a pill for him. He takes her hand and stares at her.

Later, Ginni wakes up, Adi brings her soup and feeds her. Ginni is surprised to see her concern. Ginni tries to reach the water but she can’t do it, Adi helps her to get it and gives her water too. Gulabo and his family get there. Gulabo gives vermilion to Adi, she leaves there. go etc

PRECAP: Adi brings Ginni back home. Akash welcomes you. Adi takes Ginni on her lap and carries her from there. Adi asks Ginni if ​​she remembers seeing the shooter. Amber gets there, so Ginni says that he is the same one, that he was behind the tree. Adi gets angry and holds Amber.

Update Credits: Atiba

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