Can we get our lost love back? part 2

Thinking of someone special, who was her ex, Avni fits in. Everyone is shocked.

Ali shouted: Avneieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Omkara: Avni!

Agni: Oh no..

Omkara and Ali went towards Avni.

Ali: We’ll take him to the hospital now.

Omkara and Ali took her to the hospital.

The doctor examined Avni.

Doctor: He is fine now.

Everyone got relief.

Doctor: Are you…?

Ali: I am Avni’s friend.

Omkara: I am his fiancée.

Doctor: Okay. How old is he?

Omkara was silent.

Omkara: I don’t know the doctor.

The doctor stared at him.

Doctor: Has he had a stroke before?

Omkara: I don’t know the doctor.

Suddenly Ali said: Avni is 25 years old. She had a seizure a year ago. She was also taking medicines. But I think she missed her medicine in the last few days.

Doctor: Thank goodness! At least you know about Avni.

He looked at Omkara.

Doctor: You better try to know everything about your fiancé..after all you are going to spend the rest of your life with him.

Omkara became sluggish.

Omkara looked at Avni who was in deep sleep.

He went to Ali.

Omkara: Ali… Avni isn’t interested in marrying me. But I didn’t care. I didn’t even ask her the reason. But now I feel ashamed of myself for being clueless about my fiancée. Do you know why she hates to get married? Under what circumstances did she have a stroke before?

Agni: Yes Ali. You tell us. Only you know Avni well.

Ali: I would say.

Flash back…

Avni went to the police station.

ACP Neil Khanna was sitting behind.

Avni: ACP sir, I have a complaint.

He turned and looked at her.

Avni: Sir, my name is Avni Mehta. A man was following me and harassing me. He proposed to me. When I refused it, he pushed me on the road and hurt my forehead. After bandaging my wound in the hospital, I’m straight to the police station. Please don’t leave that man, sir. He shouldn’t do this to a girl.

Neel was lost in Avni while talking.

Avni: ACP sir, you hear what I am saying?

Neil: Yes. Give me a written complaint. I’ll catch him and make sure he rots in jail. But you should stop calling me, sir. You can call me ACP Neil.

Avni smiled: Thanks ACP Neil.

Neil smiled.

Within 2 days, Neil caught the criminal and punched him and put him in jail.

Avni was very happy.

Avni: Many thanks to ACP Neel for getting me justice.

Neil: I don’t need to thank you. It’s my duty.

Avni smiled: I am impressed with you ACP.

He smiled happily.

Avni: I am working for an NGO. I work for the helpless people. I may need your help again to bring justice to many such victims.

Neil: Sure. I’ll always be there to help you.

Avni smiled.

Thus Avni continued to meet Neil for the poor people whom she was helping. Neil helped her a lot. Gradually they became friends.

Once Avni came to the police station during lunch time. He spent time conversing with Neil. Neil was drinking water after lunch.

Avani: Do you know Neel? You look very cute while drinking water. You drink water like a small child while drinking milk.

He smiled.

Avni: You are looking so cute that I feel like hugging you…

Avni hugs Neel.

Neil was surprised. He enjoyed the moment.

Avni: You look so cute that I feel like kissing you.

Avni stroked his cheek.

Neil was lost in her kiss.

Neil stroked her face lovingly. Avni was lost in it.

Avni regained consciousness.

Avni: OK… by Neil.

Avni went out.

Neil’s colleague, police officer Dakhal Dayal, laughed.

She: Looks like Avni loves you.

Neil blushed.

She: I know you love her too. That’s why you were romancing her forgetting that it’s a police station.

Neil turns shy: DD…Stop it.

Intervention Dayal laughed.

Neel brought Avni to a decorated place.

Avni: Why did you bring him here, Neil?

Neil: Don’t tell me you don’t understand Avni. I know you know everything. I know you hugged and kissed me lovingly that day, not because I looked cute.

Avni blushed.

Avni: You understood my feelings for me. So I missed a chance to confess my love to you.

Neil smiled: No Avni. I am waiting to hear three magic words from you.

Avni blushed: I love you very much Neil.

He shared a romantic eye lock.

Neil took a ring and said: Do you know Avni? I fell in love with you at first sight.

Avni is shocked.

Neil: Now I can’t control my emotions. I love you Avni.

Avni lets Neel put the ring on her finger and embraces her lovingly.

Avni introduces Neel to Ali. Ali, Neel and Avni were a team.


Agni: They were very much in love with each other. Everything was going so well. What happened then? Was Avni’s father against their relationship?

Ali: No. Ashish uncle supported him. He was very fond of Neil. Neil’s father becomes the villain in their love story. Although Neil was a tough police officer for wrongdoers, in front of his father he was a kitten.

Flash back…

Neel wept bitterly in front of Avni.

Neil: Although I requested, Dad is not letting me stay with him. He wants me to marry another girl chosen by him and that girl is none other than my childhood friend. I am scared of losing you Avni.

Avni: Don’t break like this, Neel. Be strong. No one will be able to separate us, Neel.

Unnale Maimarandhu Nindrene
My Visible Mayaludan Vandene

Both emotionally caressed each other’s faces.

Idai Vidadha Nerukkang
thodaruma uire

Neil: I know you want us to get married with my parents’ blessings. But with my father’s permission, we will not be able to get married. So we will register the marriage. Will you support my decision Avni?

Avni: Yes Neil. I will always support your decision. If there is no other way then we will get the marriage registered.

Mozhi Ilamal Thavikiren
Maunma Ingai

They hugged each other emotionally.

Un Thozhil Sandhu Kolla Vandene
Idhu Podhum .. Epodhum (King Queen).

Avni and Ashish went to the register office. But Neil did not come there. Avni tried to call him. But the phone was switched off. Suddenly Dakhal Dayal called him.

Avni: DD, where is Neil? His phone is switched off.

Dayal: Don’t wait for him Avni. He won’t come.

Avni is shocked.

Avni: What kind of joke is this DD?

Dayal: It’s not a joke. I’m telling you seriously. He won’t come. Today was his wedding.

Avni is shocked.

Avni: No, it can’t happen. Neil loves me very much. He can’t cheat me.

Dayal: He loves you very much. But he cannot go against his father. So even though he didn’t want to marry anyone other than you, he had to marry his childhood friend for his father.

Avni is shattered.

Avni: You’re lying. I won’t believe it.

Dayal: I will send you a picture. Seeing the picture you will believe.

Dayal sent him a picture of Neil with a girl.

Seeing the picture, Avni broke down. She cried loudly.

Avni: How can Neil cheat on me?

Ashish could not bear Avni’s pain.

He was in tears.

Ashish: Avni, please control yourself. Don’t look at this picture and hurt yourself.

He snatched the phone from her.

Suddenly Avni fell down feeling dizzy.

Ashish is shocked.

Ashish: Avani son….


Agni: Oh no… Avni had to suffer so much because of love.

Ali: This was the first time that Avni had suffered a stroke. Even after the betrayal, Avni could not move forward. So the marriage bond with Omkara gave her a lot of stress and tension. So she even forgot to take her medicine. So she was fit again.

Ashish uncle forces Avni to move on with a good guy like Omkara as he doesn’t want Avni to go through the trauma again.

Ali looks at Omkara: He really trusts you Omkara. He thinks that only you can keep him happy.

Omkara got so upset and he started towards Avni.

Avni slowly opened her eyes.

Omkara looked at her emotionally.

Omkara: How are you feeling now?

Avni: I’m fine now. Don’t worry. First of all, dislike me. Now I’m a burden to you. Sorry.

Omkara got upset.

Omkara: I’m sorry Avni. I was very rude to you. I didn’t know that you too were hiding the pain of love in your heart.

Avni is shocked.

Avani: How did you know this?

Omkara: Ali told me everything.

Avni was shocked. She didn’t know what to say.

Avni: Quit Omkara. It was my fate. But why did you say that like you, I am also hiding the pain of love? Did you also show disinterest in our marriage alliance because of your past?

Omkara was silent. He left the room in pain.

Avni was discharged from the hospital. He was taken to the resort.

Omkara: You rest here. You are weak now. When you are fully recovered, you can go back home.

Avni: Okay. But please don’t tell Dad that I have a seizure. He will be worried.

Omkara: Okay.

Omkara’s phone rang. He was Ashish. He picked up the phone.

Omkara: Hello uncle.

Ashish: Omkara son, how are you all? Avni is not picking up her phone in time.

Omkara: We were all roaming here and there. There was no range at some places. That’s why we didn’t hear the ringtone. Now Avni is so tired that she is sleeping.

Ashish: I am relieved now. Anyway when you are with him I am not worried. I know you will protect him and make him happy.

Omkara’s heart was filled with guilt.

Omkara sat outside and started crying.

Agni sat beside him and asked him: Why are you crying Omkara? Avni is fine now. So why?

Omkara: Ashish uncle trusts me a lot. He’ll break down if he finds out that I can’t live up to his expectations. After a painful betrayal, Avni deserves the best. He deserves a lot of happiness in his life that I can be given only by the person who loves him with all his heart. I can never love him or give him the happiness he deserves. I felt guilty.

Seeing Omkara’s tears, Agni was very sad.

Agni: You can at least try to walk on Omkara.

Omkara: No, I can’t. You know this very well.

Omkara is gone.

Agni got upset. She turned back. She saw Ali beside her.

Ali: Why did Omkara say that he can never love Avni or move on?

Agni got upset.

Ali: Say Agni.

Agni: Because Omkara has a sad past.

Ali was shocked.

Agni: Although Omkara is a famous businessman, he was also a famous painter. He went to a village to get inspiration for making the best paintings. Omkara was allowed to stay in the outhouse of a famous musician named Harshavardhana.

Flash back…

Onkara was welcomed by Harshvardhan to his home.

Harsh: Today is your first day here. This is a good start as our family temple festivities have started from today.

Omkara smiled.

Harsh: Eat kheer and go. This is the temple offering.

Onkara smiled: Yes.

Harsh: Gauri….Give her kheer.

Gauri: Yes papa….

Omkara looked at Gauri. He could not see her face as she was facing backwards.

Harsh: She is my daughter.

Omkara smiled.

Gauri turned and gave him kheer.

Omkara-Gauri looked at each other.

Gauri was lost in Omkara.

He thought: He is very beautiful like Gandharva.

Harsh: That painter is Omkara who will be staying at our outhouse for some time.

Gauri looked at Omkara without blinking an eye.

Omkara: Hello!

Gauri: Hello!

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