Britain said it would send 6,000 missiles to Ukraine to fight against Russia

Britain said it would send 6,000 missiles to Ukraine to fight against Russia

Britain said it would send 6,000 missiles to Ukraine to fight against Russia

The funding and additional military hardware were announced on the eve of the scheduled NATO and G7 summits to discuss the Russian offensive.

Britain said it would send 6,000 missiles to Ukraine to fight against Russia

New sanctions on Russia are expected to be announced at the NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said late Wednesday that Britain would send 6,000 missiles and £25 million ($33 million, 30 million euros) in financial aid to Ukraine’s military to help it fight the Russian military.

The announcement of funding and additional military hardware, including anti-tank and high-explosive weapons, comes on the eve of the NATO and G7 summits scheduled to discuss the Russian offensive.

The British leader will urge Western allies to “raise a gear” in response to Moscow’s actions, including “providing advanced defensive support to Ukraine and doubling down on economic sanctions”, according to his office.

Downing Street said it would detail London’s intention to work with partners to enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities, including long-range targeting and intelligence.

“When Russia brings Ukraine’s towns and cities to dust, we cannot and will not stand,” Johnson said in a statement unveiling the new support package for Kyiv.

“The United Kingdom will work with our allies to increase military and economic support to Ukraine, strengthening their defense to turn the tide in this fight.”

Johnson said the international community was faced with the choice of “keeping the flame of freedom alive in Ukraine” or risking it “sniffed across Europe and the world”.

London has already provided Kyiv with more than 4,000 anti-tank weapons, including Next-Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon Systems (NLAWs) and the so-called Javelin missiles.

The UK government is also supplying Starstreak high-velocity anti-aircraft missiles, as well as body armour, helmets and combat boots, to help counter aerial bombardment.

The hardware has been credited with playing an important role in helping Ukraine deter Russia’s invasion.

Britain has previously committed £400 million in humanitarian and economic aid to the crisis in Ukraine.

Downing Street said the new £25 million fund would help pay the salaries of Ukrainian soldiers, pilots and police and ensure the country’s armed forces are equipped with high-quality equipment.

In addition to new military kits and funding, the UK will also provide an additional £4.1 million for the BBC World Service as part of a cross-government effort to combat propaganda in Russia and Ukraine.

Johnson’s office noted that funding and administrative support would also go to the International Criminal Court’s investigation into war crimes.

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