This is going to be an important weekend for the launch of Diwali. setu ram Y Thanks god, Between the two films Rs. Between Tuesday and Friday, Rs 60 crore have arrived. Of course, for the duration of Diwali and ideally at least Rs. 100 crores should have been crossed by now. However, this has not happened and now the thing is that Rs. 100 crores stands between the two films. As things currently look, this seems to be the best Rs. By the end of the weekend, it will cross the 90 crore mark and then Rs. 100 million rupees hit in working days.

let’s talk about setu ram first. The film earned Rs. 41.45 crores in 4 days and so far in total it is better than all Akshay Kumar movies released in 2022. These are really different times and basically the key to existence. So far, it is their Samrat Prithviraj that has had the best shelf life compared to all other releases as it has earned Rs. 68.05 million rupees. Now that total is sure to be surpassed and while Rs. Rs 80 crore should come, it remains to be seen how far the film goes beyond this in the long run. On Thursday, the film earned Rs. 6.05 million rupees.

related to Thanks god, Surprisingly, he has failed to collect. On Friday, the numbers were really low at Rs. 3.30 crores and considering it’s only the fourth day of the film, one has to wonder how come the audience doesn’t give it a chance. Of course, the trend is in the same line as setu ram But then it opened on Tuesday at almost half the number and it’s the same proportion that continues until the fourth day. The film has so far grossed millions of rupees. 21.55 crore and one is waiting to see if Rs. It hits the 40 crore mark and then it goes further.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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