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Will Dylan O’Brien ever play a superhero? Actor revealed amid Nightwing rumours

fans of years Dylan O’brien From editing to fanfixes imagining him in various superhero costumes, Dylan fans are all about his being a hero on screen. Renowned for his exceptional performance in teen wolf And maze RunnerFans also rallied online for Dylan to become the next Spiderman in the new phase of the franchise.

During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter via Comicbook, dialing He was asked about the latest rumors about playing Nightwing in the upcoming DC production. The actor revealed that he was not actively looking for these roles as they are not exactly the right path to follow at this point in his career. Dylan admitted, “The way I want to approach my career, I don’t think it will benefit me from what I want to do, nor do I think it’s interesting to me.”

Dylan questioned, “Why am I not interested in those things?” He elaborated that he was simply not impressed by those characters and would love to take his career in a different direction. The actor, on the other hand, paradoxically mentioned that he is not averse to doing those parts and added that he would “entertain everything.”

However, Dylan added, “But at the same time, those things are also a huge life change. I don’t think people think about it very much. It’s a really big commitment. So all this stuff goes into it.” Dylan then commented that he is constantly asked about being in a superhero movie despite never being a part of one. Dylan continued, “Even when I answer honestly, everyone is like, ‘Wow, it’s hilarious to see Dylan lying about this. He’s clearly Nightwing’ Is.’ And I’m like, ‘This is crazy.’ So I literally haven’t heard anything about it. It’s not a real thing. It’s just funny how it all happens, and yeah, it seems like it only happens with these superhero things.”

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