Why Bollywood Movies Can’t Stand Up To Sur, ‘Kantara’ Actor Told The Real Reason

Why Bollywood Movies Can’t Stand Up To Sur, ‘Kantara’ Actor Told The Real Reason

Why Bollywood Movies Can’t Stand Up To Sur, ‘Kantara’ Actor Told The Real Reason

The year 2022 has been a disappointing year for Bollywood, while South Indian cinema, especially Kannada films, are doing very well in the Hindi belt and becoming hits, blockbusters and blockbusters. The latest example is ‘Kantara’, which has been manufactured at Rs 16 million.

But Worldwide has crossed the Rs 300 crore collection mark. The director and actor of the same movie, Rishabh Shetty, recently got very angry at Bollywood and said what is the reason why Hindi movies continually fail at the box office.

‘We make movies for the public’

In a conversation with an English news website, Rishabh said: “We make movies for the audience, not for ourselves. We need to take care of their feelings. We have to see what are their values ​​and ways of living? We were there before we became filmmakers. But now, seeing the immense influence of the West and the consumption of Hollywood and other content, filmmakers are trying to do the same in India. But why are you doing this? People are already getting all of that from Hollywood and they’re doing better in terms of quality, storytelling and acting.”

Need to focus on the content of the movies.

Rishabh Shetty feels that the need to focus on Indian film content has become even more important given the growing reach of web content. Advising today’s filmmakers, she said: “You’re getting all of this (Western content) in multiple languages ​​on multiple OTT platforms.

But you will not find the history of my people there. The deep-rooted regional history is something you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You are the storyteller and there are stories in your area. That’s what you need to reach people.”

He said this about the ‘Kantara’ remake

Given the worldwide success of ‘Kantara’, there is talk of its remake in other languages. But Rishabh Shetty doesn’t think that’s possible. He says: “When I write, its background is something I have seen. If you look at Kantara, then it’s a simple story. It has a hero, a villain, we have romance and regular stuff. What is new is the background, there are layers and there are packaging.

All of this comes together to create the feel of a movie. This is the story of my people, which I saw in my childhood, so I introduced it. I always say: “More regional, more universal.” So if a filmmaker can capture this spirit, find and present the culture of his region, and package the story, it could work. But it just can’t be like that.”

Speaking of ‘Kantara’, apart from directing the film and playing the lead role in it, Rishabh Shetty has also written her story. The film also stars Saptami Gowda, Kishore, and Achyut Kumar in major roles. Released on September 30, the film has grossed over Rs 324 crore worldwide, over Rs 253 crore in India and over Rs 53 crore in the Hindi belt.

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