After showing a decline in trading on Friday, Valimai was again on track on Saturday as it posted a 25 per cent jump in its total on the third day. Rupee. 13 crore to 13.25 crore, The opening weekend of this Ajith Kumar film is now Rs. 52 crores, and the film is on its way to emerge as a clean hit.

Valimai Box Office: Ajith Kumar starrer has collected Rs.  50 crore in 3 days in Tamil Nadu

There was a fear of the film to survive at the box office due to mixed reports, but Saturday’s jump is a positive sign and has given it hopes of emerging as a hit film. Boney Kapoor’s production earned Rs. 28.50 crore on Thursday, followed by Rs. 11 crores. The film made a comeback on Saturday with Rs. The 13.25 crore figure and early trends indicate a strong Sunday as audiences flocked to theatres.

Ticket rates have come down after exorbitant prices on the opening day and Valimai’s number of passengers on Sunday is likely to be equal to that of Thursday. The film is now aiming to earn Rs 59 crore on the opening weekend. 68 crore in Tamil Nadu alone, taking the worldwide four-day total to Rs. 100 crore figure, and these are just great reports.

The trimming of the film has also changed the perception of the audience as the film is now said to be 15 minutes short and crisp. Only a superstar like Ajith Kumar could get a mixed-language film on the opening weekend for Rs. 65 crores in just one state, and this trend is a testimony to Vijay being one of the biggest crowd pullers of Tamil Nadu. Both these superstars have a tremendous opening bridge in Tamil Nadu, which can be compared to anyone like Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan of Hindi belt.

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