Directed by Suraj Barjatia height Sometime back, Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani and Anupam Kher appeared on the screens. The filmmakers opted for a family entertainment release, gradually increasing the total number of screens as audience demand increased. After receiving positive reviews, height Launching on November 11, it started off on a good note, witnessing tremendous growth in its first weekend. After your first week of running the business height The film experienced continued growth with the producers adding more screens to meet audience demand.

It is now in its second week despite new releases hitting screens. height He has managed to hold his own. box office abroad height, which has received high praise and recognition from international markets, has also performed relatively well. raising USD 1,028 million [Rs. 8.40 cr.] around the world in its second weekend height has shown that content will always be king. interesting, height facing stiff competition Drishyam 2 and now wolf He still manages to get his own patronage from the audience.

going forward, height Continuing to gain viewership in select venues, it is expected to see sustained growth in its third weekend and the upcoming third week as well. business predictions height The worldwide box office continues to show good growth in its third week at the box office.

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