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They were working without a visa, a case registered by the Mumbai police. Foreign crew members working in Bollywood were arrested, did not have proper visa, Mumbai police filed a case

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On November 26, the Mumbai police searched against 17 foreign nationals. All these foreigners are part of the Bollywood film crew. According to the police, of these 17 people, about 10 are women, while the remaining 7 are men. These people are living in India without a visa for a long time. Not only this, foreigners are also working in large production companies.

The matter came to light after the police raid.
Speaking to the media, the senior inspector of the Dahisar police station said: ‘Police officers raided the Kokani Pada area. During that time, a film was being filmed there. There were many foreigners there, the police checked the documents of all of them. During this, it was found that many of them did not have any documents.

Case registered under Foreign Law
The police further said: ‘Not only that, many people did not even have a visa, for a long time these people worked illegally in the film industry. All these foreign people are from different countries. All these people have violated the visa rules, a case has been registered against all of them under the Aliens Law.
According to the senior inspector, all these foreigners were brought from Goa. Currently, the police are looking for the supplier. All of them were hired by the Bollywood production company for the film, which was being shot in Dahisar.

You can raid other places too
This matter came to the attention of the police when Mr. Naik from the Mumbai Congress Entertainment Industry Wing complained about the matter. Naik wrote in the complaint: We have come to know that many foreign people have been brought to LP Shingte Film Studio for filming. All these foreigners don’t even have visas. Due to which we decided to contact the police. After this incident comes to light, the police may also raid other places. However, so far no new information has been released by the police.

Increasing trend of hiring foreigners in Bollywood
A few days ago, the leaders of the film union had denounced that many foreigners have been working in Bollywood for years without the corresponding work permits. The leaders also said that the trend of casting foreigners in Bollywood is gradually increasing. People hire foreigners for everything from artists to experts, making it difficult for Indians to get jobs.

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