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Sumbul Touqeer Khan rants against Shalin Bhanot-Tina Datta-Archana Gautam over lost ration; actress’ ‘overacting’ gets mixed reactions

The last episode of Bigg Boss 16 ended a few minutes ago and it was an amazing episode. In Bigg Boss 16, we saw the nomination task take place. And on the condition that there was a ration for the whole house. Shalin Bhanot, Sreejita De, Tina Dutta, Sumbul Touqueer Khan, Sajid Khan, Soundarya Sharma and Archana Gautam were among the nominations with each receiving a chest containing the names of the other contestants. And he asked to put a box for registration to get a ration. Also Read – Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam Calls Tina Dutta An ‘Expired Ma*l’ During Fight; Netizens Asked Salman Khan: ‘Will You Do Something?’

Bigg Boss 16: Nomination Special Task

Twitter and entertainment news is abuzz with the latest Bigg Boss 16 updates. So what happened to Sreejitha called Soundarya, Soundarya called Sumbul, Sajid called Sreejitha and Sumbul called Archana? They decided to share the ration among themselves. However, Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot were not ready to nominate themselves and were ready to drop the ration. When Archana did the same to Sajid, she was furious and asked Sajid to convince Archana to submit her box for nomination. Later when Bigg Boss reveals that they will have to give up the whole house ration. Until now, Shalin Bhanot, who was adamant, wanted to change his decision. But Bigg Boss was angry because he had wasted his time before. He took the full ration. Also Read – Entertainment News Roundup: Suhana Khan-Agastya Nanda Are B-town’s Hottest New Couple; Activists damaged the Pathan sign [Watch Video]

Sumbul Touqueer Khan boasted; netizens react

As soon as Bigg Boss had eaten the entire ration, Sumbul Touqueer Khan spoke at length. He lost his temper and was talking about what people would call when they lifted everything but the ration. And he did exactly that. He lost his temper especially with Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta. Sajid Khan and MC Steyn were shocked by his tirade. Shiv Thackeray was also surprised to see Sumbul so hyper. Netizens have mixed reactions to Sumbul’s tirade. See Tweets: Also Read – Trending TV News Today: Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot And Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary’s Fierce Fight, Avneet Kaur Replaces Tunisha Sharma On Ali Baba’s Show And More

Yrrr hs hs kr mad ho mai mai mai mai last 2 months bb i am not watching bs twitter watch some clips but today i will only watch all scenes of some to watch them together
, Than ? it was today#sumbultaukirkhan

— This is Sana (@queenofbrain16) January 5, 2023

or cut
Youngest winner of BB16
Only one
Sumbul Tauqeer Khan??
Wow Firey??#sumbultaukirkhan #bb16 #Big boss @colorsTV @Big boss @VootSelect @justvoot @OrmaxMedia https://t.co/NedzEBopDr

— Armaanian Charvi (@Charvisah9) January 5, 2023

Queen’s behavior?
The blind and the weak cannot see his crown. #sumbultaukirkhan , #bb16 pic.twitter.com/UWPc4bKdBj

ᶠᵃⁿ ᵃᶜᶜ (@faharsh) January 5, 2023

@TouqeerSumbul Right at the beginning, when she said something, people didn’t care, like today, when she’s doing the right thing against Tina and Shalin (who always attack her, there’s game). #sumbultaukirkhan ) but #Mandali the members proved that point again today

— Vijayalakshmi (@vijayalakshmi456) January 5, 2023

its alot??????#sumbultaukirkhan https://t.co/kledyJG303

– SuMaanLover (@SuMaanLove2) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan First #Priyanka ChaharChowdhary I was surprised to hear the voice of…

then it seems that he had taken a step by not getting food ??????????

These 50 rupees have been overplayed.

The troupe was having a great time!! Wow ?? https://t.co/xy9qqBgN38

– kar-pree (@kkundrafangirl) January 5, 2023

Sumbul owned the entire episode today.

Hail Phiri????#sumbultaukirkhan #bb16

-shi (@beautifulshi) January 5, 2023

,#sumbultaukirkhan#farmboss16 #bb16 https://t.co/WxAtRACnsl

Miss Garg?? (Fan Account) (@ShrutiG94938063) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan Tonight was on another level…#Big boss #farmboss16 #bb16

– Big Boss _ Khabri 2 (@_Rohit0108) January 5, 2023

funny command????????????#sumbultaukirkhan#farmboss16 #bb16 https://t.co/nvoX9Xd1aS

Miss Garg?? (Fan Account) (@ShrutiG94938063) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan I stole today’s episode. ,#bb16 pic.twitter.com/o5v2E0hWrO

— Shiva Sushi (@bubble_sugar_) January 5, 2023

Am I still laughing??????#sumbultaukirkhan#farmboss16 #bb16 https://t.co/8Eoekfp3er

Miss Garg?? (Fan Account) (@ShrutiG94938063) January 5, 2023

Baby Sumbul Relax! , , #sumbultaukirkhan https://t.co/E6PJE4HikL

— *J/-/!!!* (@Emerald39321084) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan If it happens, then it will ring for everyone????
It’s happened so many times today that the episode felt like it ended quickly…
My daughter ?????
she is hitting?????? pic.twitter.com/RvO5THvpJQ

– Rush (@rashmi_saxena27) January 5, 2023

Sajid Khan says that Sumbul is acting because he is nominated brother, he is trending not. #SumbulTouqeerKhan? #sumbultaukirkhan

—Meera (@meera94458567) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan stop embarrassing yourself babe

— Ana (@itaintmemfs) January 5, 2023

Sumbul was hungry, the mother of the hungry stomach is like that?#sumbultaukirkhan #bb16 https://t.co/SNe5EdsyTT

– Poonam Dubey (@dubeypoonam) January 5, 2023

Sumbal Shekhi…. Oh she went crazy… was she hilarious and totally crazy?

What a shame that the girl spoke pure Hindi even in her tirade and never crossed the limits with words!

his sarcasm???#sumbultaukirkhan #bb16 #farmboss16#sumbultaukir pic.twitter.com/Srv4GY6Fdn

— Preeti R (@_reginaphallenge) January 5, 2023

Why was the episode not called “Sumbul ne khoya apna mental poise”? ,#sumbultaukirkhan#farmboss16

(@dreamgirl10055) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan It was worrisome and I was overreacting today. but #Shaleen Bhanot He understands Sumbul better than anyone in that house. She is frustrated on a daily basis due to the intimidation and mistreatment in the congregation, especially at the hands of #Sajid Khan #farmboss16

– Shruti Bose (@sruthy_bose) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan Sach m pagal hogi h…n #Shaleen Bhanot Aaj bhi bilkul shi baat bhi for this episode and me..#bb 16 #farmboss16

– Big Boss Khabri (@bosskhabri24) January 5, 2023

Reaction from an older brother like that?
Especially when your babysitters get mad?#sumbultaukirkhan https://t.co/gK2kiRi1B7

— Random things (@Justrandomthi19) January 5, 2023

#sumbultaukirkhan What ghost has come in it!!
is she stupid or what?
The whole company makes fun of him and he doesn’t notice?

–Aashika (@Aashika7864) January 5, 2023

Y #sumbultaukirkhan You have to stop reacting.
now it’s getting a little too much sister#bb16 #farmboss16

– Nayandeep Rakshit (@NayandeepRakshit) January 5, 2023

In the episode, we saw Shaleen Bhanot wishing for Sumbul to be evicted for her happiness. She seems to have stopped laughing and smiling since she joined the other group.

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