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Salman Khan was seen running in the college campus wearing a bikini, video from 23 years ago is going viral

This story is from the early days of Salman Khan when he was only two years old since he entered the cinema. Salman Khan had agreed to wear a bikini in a movie, but after seeing what happened, he felt like there was no blood from the bite.

Salman Khan is counted among the best actors in Bollywood today. This story is from the early days of Salman Khan’s career, when he was only two years old in the industry. In the year 1988, Salman Khan’s first film was ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’ and then came ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ which was a huge blockbuster. With this movie, Salman became overnight that Bollywood star for which many hearts began to beat. While bold scenes and kissing scenes are used a lot in movies, Salman Khan’s movies are considered to be clean, in which there is no place for intimate scenes and kissing scenes. Now, following these rules, Salman Khan also wore a bikini in one of his movies and during this scene his condition worsened from embarrassment. Salman Khan himself has narrated the whole story of this bikini scene from his movie.

At that time, Salman’s body was also not the same as it is seen today.

This was Salman Khan’s third film. The film was titled Baaghi (Baaghi: A Rebel for Love) and Nagma was in the lead role alongside Salman. Apart from this, Kiran Kumar and Shakti Kapoor were also in the film. In one scene in this movie, a bikini scene was kept for Salman Khan and he happily complied. Salman’s body was not even at that time what it looks like today. Talking about this movie scene on ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ show, Salman Khan said that he had seen an English movie so we took that scene in this movie.

Salman had agreed to do this scene in conversation.

Deepak Shivdasani was the director of the film. Salman said: ‘At the time, Deepika and I were watching that movie together. Deepak said: Sir, if this scene is to be inserted, then as I was sitting I felt that yes, yes, this scene should be inserted, it is a wonderful scene, an outstanding scene. After this some young artists and around 1500 people from Juhu Chowpatty were shooing me away that I had come in a bikini during the shooting at Wilson College.

Salman said- At that time it seemed that if you bite, the blood does not come out

Narrating this anecdote, he said, ‘Only 6-8 months ago, Maine Pyar Kiya had pitched and Salman Khan was Dil Ki Dhadkan The etc. So all the crowd, college girls, etc. they came to look. What to see and anyway I was a bit shy at the time. At that time it seemed that there was no blood in the bite. She couldn’t even say no no I can’t, she took off her bikini. I was so embarrassed, I was so conscious and I had to run a lot from one place to another and the whole crowd was just standing there.

Salman said: As soon as I started running, everyone followed me.

Salman said: ‘As soon as I started running everyone was behind me. I said what is this matter and the girls run very fast. After this, he came over and said that he had to take a close-up. I said: Should I wear pants? He said no, you have to take full bikini photos. So I took 8-10 photos in those clothes. I said: and do what you want, which sometimes I have never done.

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