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Noah Schnapp comes out as gay; 6 things to know about the Stranger Things star – News

Noah Schnapp quickly rose to fame playing Will on Stranger Things. He became one of the beloved characters on the show, especially with the start of season 4 where viewers had nothing but praise for him.

As Noah makes this reveal, here are a few things to know about the Stranger Things star.

1. TikTok video

In a short TikTok video recently uploaded by Noah Schnapp, he shared his truth along with lip syncing to the viral audio clip. Above the video, Noah wrote that when he finally told friends and family about him after being in the closet for nearly eighteen years, they all reacted with what they already knew. He also wrote in the caption that he seems to have more in common with his Stranger Things character Will Byers than he realized.

The audio clip used by the Stranger Things star in the video talks about how it was never that bad. Noah’s fans wholeheartedly supported him with congratulatory comments along with TikTokers like Chris Olsen.

2. Playing a closeted gay character on screen.

During the first season of Stranger Things, viewers frequently questioned Will’s sexuality, though the cast and show evaded the question. Schnapp said that Will was confused about growing up and what it’s like to be a kid. This is why people shouldn’t rush to label things. Noah also noted that it took time for Will’s character to open up because these things get complicated quickly in real life.

However, in an interview over the summer, Noah confirms that Will is gay and struggling with himself. He says that as Will got older, the show’s producers made it more candid and real. It is now one hundred percent clear that Will is gay and in love with one of his best friends, Mike. This was also designed by the directors in a very creative way so that the character doesn’t suddenly turn gay.

In season four, Will Byers also professes his love for Mike, pretending to become emotionally close to Eleven.

3. Balance personal and professional life

Schnaps effectively navigates through Will’s sexuality as he finds his identity in both personal and professional lives. The Stranger Things actor emphasizes all the tribulations that Will goes through in the series.

Will Byers not only struggles to fully accept his identity and come out, but also suffers multifaceted trauma as he quickly becomes involved with the supernatural side of the series, as well as a lack of recognition from his friends. Byers is also confused about whether or not his friends will accept him. In the midst of all this confusion, we caught a sweet moment when Will Byers’ older brother offered him support and encouragement as they had a heart-to-heart without directly mentioning his sexuality.

Noah Schnapp also noted that the recent season of Stranger Things revealed more about Will’s struggle and personal growth rather than fighting demons on the show.

4. Noah Schnapp YouTube Channel

Noah Schnapp has also recently opened a YouTube channel where he gives viewers a glimpse into real life. He quickly garnered a huge following on his YouTube channel, and more than 2 million subscribers were waiting to catch a glimpse of Schnapp off-screen. He has also collaborated with other famous YouTubers like Lilly Singh and Venus Williams. Millie Bobby Brown has made a presence on her channel since its launch.

5. Zendaya is the celebrity crush on Noah

Schnapp also revealed on several occasions that he has a huge crush on Zendaya. On several occasions he has expressed his admiration and love for her. His conversation during the award ceremony made Noah feel happy and excited.

6. Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things creators The Duffers and Netflix also recently announced the show’s fifth season, which will conclude the entire series. However, it is not yet confirmed when season 5 will start production or when it will debut on the platform.

Overall, it’s safe to say that playing a closeted gay character at such a young age has certainly changed Noah Schnapp’s perspective in terms of self-identity and personal growth. He was also pleased that the audience was able to see Will in a different light in addition to dealing with the supernatural side of him.

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