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How to prevent diabetes | PINKVILLA

How to prevent diabetes | PINKVILLA

It takes years of a certain lifestyle to see signs of damage in the human body!

And the human body is magical in that way — you don’t necessarily need medication to reverse that damage unless it’s something life-threatening. You can change your lifestyle every day to improve your health! As a dietician, I see many young patients with insulin resistance who are at high risk of developing type II diabetes if they continue with their current lifestyle. The results are phenomenal when you start making lifestyle tweaks — simple things like focusing on how you eat the food on your plate.

When you see a plate of food, identify your sources of protein, fat, and carbohydrates (including fiber). Start your meal by consuming fiber and protein first. This creates a temporary lining in the gut that helps slow the release of sugar from carbohydrates into the bloodstream.

Several methods of determining insulin resistance include the HBA1C blood test Additional signs: frequent or increased urination, slightly darker skin in some areas (e.g. chin, armpits or neck), rapid drop in energy, especially after lunch, a general feeling of cold and the inability to feel full even after eating. Such recurring symptoms can cause chronic inflammation that damages our internal organs.

The four pillars of nutrition – food, sleep, stress and physical activity – need to be prioritized. The four pillars work together to keep the body in balance. The body is just made that way by nature.

Here are some tips from nutritionist Ishti Saluja on how to prevent diabetes for years to come:

move your body

The pancreas has to produce more insulin to move sugar from the bloodstream to the blood cells when the body develops insulin resistance, which is the underlying cause of diabetes. Exercise increases the cells’ sensitivity to insulin, which reduces the body’s need for insulin to control blood sugar levels. For better glycemic control, try HIIT, running, swimming, yoga, weight training, or just walking.

Get enough sleep

When you sleep, your body regenerates. This period is very important for the body to readjust the hormones responsible for numerous functions including alerting you when you are hungry or full, processing insulin, protecting against infection and more. The importance of a relaxed body and mind to your overall well-being cannot be overstated!

Get enough sleep

Control your stress

The body goes into “fight or flight” mode when stress levels are high. This forces the body to put other bodily processes (like digestion, muscle recovery, and sleep) on hold to conserve energy for dealing with stress. The body does not differentiate between different types of pressure; Whether it’s a tiger or a horrible text, he reacts the same way and expends energy to fight it. The excess energy floating around in the body is stored as fat, causing insulin resistance.

eat well

Limit your consumption of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Foods with a higher GI raise blood pressure more quickly, causing inflammation in the body and a rapid drop in energy. Additionally, it’s important to balance the protein and good fats in all of your meals.

eat well

Focus on fiber rather than carbohydrates

Eating lots of fiber is good for your digestive system, your weight, and your blood sugar levels. In your digestive tract, fiber and water combine to form a gel-like barrier that slows food absorption and increases blood sugar levels. Therefore, eating more fiber can help control frequent spikes in blood sugar.

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