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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tara Sutaria says in our industry most things aren’t equal: ‘I’ve experienced it personally’

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tara Sutaria says in our industry most things aren’t equal: ‘I’ve experienced it personally’

In a recent chat with Pinkvilla, Ek Villain Returns duo Tara Sutaria and Arjun Kapoor spoke about the need for gender equality in the industry. “In this industry, women had fewer chances to prove themselves, that’s the thing. Now there is a bigger opportunity,” says Arjun. Adds Tara, “That’s also a conversation about it that’s only started recently, in the last few years.”

The actress continues, “So I grew up in a household of very strong women who have opinions that are literally equal and are treated with a lot of respect and love. So I never understood the concept of inequality. Yes, it’s true, in our industry most things are not the same. Of course it depends on who you work with. And I’ve experienced it personally, so I can only speak for myself, I can’t speak for anyone else. It’s changing for sure.”

Is it really changing? “Slowly, much slower than I think it probably should. If it was the other way around and things had to change for a man, it would have happened a lot quicker. I can tell you that,” Tara explains.

Arjun says that when we talk about movies, the conversation tends to gravitate towards the fact that it’s a hero-driven profession. “When I was shooting Panipat, I think Kriti (Sanon) is an important part of this film. Yes, I have more screen time, Sanjay Dutt is in it too. So I’m not saying it should be up or down, I’m saying it has to be balanced in the way it’s perceived as well. The perception of the third person, that is, the media and the audience, also changes the way you see it. And not just you, I say everyone,” explains the actor.

Tara Sutaria says change can be brought about with smaller things. “It doesn’t have to be a big conversation about the big things we’re doing wrong. It can be about small things and small differences that we can make. I’ve noticed this in many paparazzi videos for example, you’ll notice a male celebrity and a female celebrity. And the male celebrity is always called so and so, sir, but the woman of the same age will never be called so and so ma’am. And not that we want that respect, we’re all very young, we don’t want to be called ma’am or ji or anything. But it’s that very general feeling of the man that’s taller, and so he needs to be shown more respect. And I say that, it comes from little things like this. So if we just change that, it could move mountains,” she concludes.

To see the full interview, watch the video below:

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