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Chahatt Khanna supported Chetan Bhagat, Urfi Javed also did not remain silent, said – hatred is eating you

Urfi Javed has become such a big name in the industry that he should do something and there should be no controversy, how can this happen. Urfi Javed is known for her fashion sense. The type of strange style of clothing that the actress wears, every two or three days, it seems that one or the other controversy happens. Recently, the writer Chetan had pointed a finger at Urfi’s fashion style. He gave a controversial statement. After which, the actress started a writing class through social media posts. Now actress Chahat Khanna has also gotten into this whole thing.

Chahat Khanna started Urfi’s class, accompanied Chetan Bhagat

While giving a statement to a media portal about this whole matter, Chahat Khanna supported Chetan Bhagat. Target aliases. Chahat Khanna said, “I’m glad someone has spoken about Urfi Javed’s risky fashion sense and also said that he is cheating the youth.” Chetan told the whole thing with great simplicity and respect. Yes. Urfi has been exaggerating things for a long time. He has another level. If Chetan has made a misleading comment about Urfi, I think he should take Urfi as a compliment. I was not mistaken in Chetan’s statement.

Chahat Khanna further said that Chetan Bhagat is a well-known writer and a respected person. I’m also happy that at least people have started speaking up and refused to adopt them. I don’t know everything, because I have only read that Chetan said: ‘Urfi is cheating the youth’. Chetan has made his point in very good words. Urfi is doing many other great things.

Urfi gave a proper answer to Chahat

When Chahat Khanna once again took aim at Urfi, how could he remain without reacting? Even before this there have been clashes between Chahat Khanna and Urfi Javed. Chahat had made a great comment about Urfi’s style, after which a war of words broke out between the two. Now that Chahat has once again pointed the finger at Urfi’s fashion choice, the actress has also given her a fitting response.

Urfi has shared some videos on Instagram, in which she is seen saying that tomorrow when your daughters grow up and some man harasses them for their fashion sense, then remember your own statement that you made about me. It is. Show this statement to her daughters. You’re talking about what I’m wearing on my body. Hate is eating you. At least change your mind about your daughters. Stop promoting the fact that everything men do, they do for women. Chetan Bhagat is not a respectable person. He has sent messages to girls half his age asking for sexual favors. I have also shared chats related to this.

Urfi further wrote that you are insulting your own gender, because you have so much hate towards me that it is clearly visible. You don’t hate me because I wear short clothes. You also wear short clothes and no one asks you. How many photos of you in a bikini are there on Instagram? You’re not getting the attention I’m getting. These are all the facts. And now stop advertising on my behalf. You yourself know that if you don’t take my name, these media pages won’t publish anything about you or use your name. Because you’re talking about me, all these people are giving you the limelight. Look how you are flaunting your cleavage and Gucci bag. respect for you Babu Bhaiya in the glass house.

Chetan Bhagat attacks Urfi

Chetan Bhagat for Urfi at Sahitya Aaj Tak 2022 said that Internet is a good thing but it has weakened our youth. The guys keep watching the roll on the phone all day. Keep liking the pictures. The youth is very fond of the photo of Urfi Javed. I know all of Urfi’s costumes. It is not Urfi’s fault. She is making her career. People look at photos of Urfi getting into bed. Today I have also come after seeing the photos of Urfi. Today she carries two phones. People like Urfi Javed continue to gather. Stories are made about this.

urfi replied to the author

Chetan Bhagat only had to make this statement and a controversy broke out. When Urfi Javed was asked to react to this statement by Chetan, he said: “I don’t understand what Chetan Bhagat was thinking. Who was talking about me during the literature festival. I shouldn’t have talked about me in that place.” Apart from this, Urfi took aim at Chetan Bhagat by sharing the post on social media. He put up many stories and wrote in them that even when you were messaging a girl half your age on Instagram and WhatsApp, did those girls’ clothes cheat on you? There are men who blame women instead of accepting their flaws. If you are lazy, it does not mean that it is the fault of the girl or her clothes. I needlessly get he brought to his talks, he said about my clothes that young people are turning away from them, this is really a senseless act.Wasn’t his message a distraction to young women?

Urfi Javed further wrote: ‘Stop promoting rape culture you sick people. Holding women accountable for men’s behavior has become a thing of the 1980s, Mr. Chetan Bhagat. You used to message girls half your age, so who was cheating on you? He always points the finger at the other gender. Don’t look at your mistake. People like you are spoiling youth, not me. People like you are teaching children how to live life. Mistakes are blamed on women and their clothes.”

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