brahmastra The third week also stood out well, taking its total to Rs. 255.50 million rupees*. These collections are in all languages, priced at Rs. 20 crores from southern versions, mainly Telugu. As has also been the case during the first week, weekdays saw relatively low collections, but then more than made up for on weekends. In fact, this was seen in a big way last Friday when the National Film Day resulted in a huge amount of Rs. 9 crore, when otherwise roughly Rs. 4-5 million rupees would come (which was also good).

However, the indirect effect was felt on weekdays when the collections were also not there, and as a result, they cost Rs. Rs 1.50 crore range at the end of the week. However, now all eyes are on how the movie holds up today and then moves forward again over the weekend. with Vikram Veda Y PS-1 Coming up, these two movies have gone to a lot of screens and now brahmastra Running with a low number of screens. Of course, this is still enough since a large number of viewers have seen the film. However, the film also competes with others.

As a result, it will be quite difficult for the Ayan Mukerji-led magnum opus to move towards the next big milestone of Rs. 275 million rupees. Approximately Rs. You need another Rs 20 crore and it will not be easy due to the competition with the big companies that launched recently. It will all come down to the rise the film will see tomorrow and the day after, as Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s lead will cost Rs. 275 crore target possible.

*Estimate. expected final number

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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