it was a stable day for both Drishyam 2 Y wolf Again around Rs. 9 crores arrived. On Monday Rs. The total between the two films was comfortably Rs 9 crore and now that Tuesday is still just around the corner, that’s good news at least for exhibitors. There has hardly been a day of the week with such a score and it has been like this for 13 days since its premiere Drishyam 2Which is hilarious.

This leading Ajay Devgn continues to grow and it was also evident yesterday when Rs. 5.35 crores* arrived. 5 crores a day is really good and if this trend continues today and tomorrow it will be extraordinary. Although it may happen that things go down a bit at least on Thursday, there will surely be stability on Friday and things will improve on Saturday and Sunday. Up to this point; The film had grossed Rs. 154.64 crores* and by Saturday it will cross Rs. Milestone of Rs 175 crore.

Meanwhile, the first major goal of wolf It has to go beyond Rs. 50 crores and is expected to be ready by this Sunday. The film grossed Rs. 3.50 crores* on Tuesday and those are constant numbers compared to Rs. 3.85 crore which was collected on Monday. This indicates just a few more days where the numbers will remain above Rs. At least 3 brands cr. The creature comedy directed by Varun Dhawan has grossed Rs. 35.90 crores* so far and as long as it maintains this trajectory and then manages to hold on in the second weekend as well (despite the launch of N Action Hero), it could cross Rs. 50 crores in 10 days. From the sounds of it, it will work if the fun element works with the family audience over the weekend.

*Estimate. last expected number

Note: All collections according to sources of production and distribution

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