It was a relatively quiet day for both of them. Silence Y Danger! Saturday because it came right after National Movie Day on Friday, which had boosted the fortunes of all movies in a big way. With a decent audience already enjoying the movies on opening day, there was bound to be some kind of drop on Saturday, which eventually happened.

Of course, no one knew what the drop would look like, since prices were almost three times higher, for one thing, it might as well have felt the opposite on the heels due to the affordability issue. That’s when a balance is needed where ticket prices are so similar that ridership on a particular day isn’t unusually high and then they see a big drop on others.

in that sense, Silence Still well done enough to bring in Rs. 2.07 crore on Saturday after Friday. 3.06 crores. As a result, this total of two days Rs. 5.13 crores. It would have been better if the number was in Rs. 2.25 crore range, but collections haven’t really gone down, which is a positive sign. On the other hand Danger! He brought Rs. 1.25 crore on Friday which was better than expected and then on Saturday the collections were Rs. 0.65 cr*, which could actually have been his opening day score. Suspense Rs. 1.90 crore for now and it should cross the 1 crore mark again today.

*Estimate. expected final number

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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