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Seema Sajdeh’s son reacted to seeing him stumble drunk, Sohail Khan’s ex-wife said, he was in hell for 2 days.

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New Delhi, JNN. Seema Sajdeh recalls her son’s reaction after seeing her mother poking around after a party video: Actor Sohail Khan and his ex-wife actress Seema Sajdeh have been in the spotlight for their divorce in the past. After the divorce, Seema remains in constant argument. She sometimes stands in the spotlight for her bold statement and sometimes for her dressing sense. And recently, she Seema came to actress Malaika Arora’s show ‘Moving in with Malaika’. During this, she Seema talked about a special aspect of her life. Speaking of the video of him stumbling while drunk, she also recounted what her son’s reaction was.

Seema was seen stumbling around in a drunken state

In fact, a video of Seema went viral a while ago. In this video, Seema Sajdeh is seen in a very drunk condition. In the video, Seema is seen posing for paparazzi outside Karan Johar’s house while intoxicated. She had drunk so much that she was wobbling as she posed. Her condition was so bad that she had to lean against the wall. Seema was also trolled a lot for her acting. And now she has reacted to this video of hers.

This was the reaction of Son Nirvan in the wobbly video

Seema Sajdeh recently came to Malaika Arora’s show ‘Moving in with Malaika’. During this, Malaika questioned him about that video. He said: ‘I saw a video, your son Nirvan must have seen that video too?’ In response, Seema said, ‘Nirvana called me after seeing my video. He didn’t tell me anything about that video, just asked ‘what was the dress you were wearing?’ After this, when he was gone, I asked Nirvan not to say anything more about me in that video. Seema further said that to be honest, I lived in hell for two days after that video.

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