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Russians danced to Bollywood songs, Pushpa broke records, Raj Kapoor returned to Russia again; Learn 5 great reasons

New Delhi: When ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, which wowed Hindi-speaking audiences in India, was released in Russia in December 2022, it set a new record. According to media reports, the film earned Rs 13 crore there in the last 25 days, more than any South Indian film.

‘Pushpa: The Rise’ is still shown on more than 774 screens in Russia. The craze for Indian movies among Russians is not from now, but from a long time ago. Currently, after the Russian-Ukrainian war, Indian films are attracting more attention from the Russian audience. In fact, some Hollywood filmmakers have refused to release movies in Russia, while the Kremlin has banned some Western actresses. In such an environment, the Russian public is welcoming Indian films. Especially, many Indian movies are shown in Moscow.

Russians love Indian culture
When the USSR ruled, when stars like Raj Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor were very famous there. Diplomatic relations with Russia became one of the main reasons for the flourishing of Indian films there. Last year in Russia, the SITA Film Festival was organized in the largest cinema there. SITA President Sammy Kotwani told India Today: ‘The best part of the festival was its opening show in Bollywood. All the dancers who performed in Bollywood songs were Russian. It was a pleasure to see that ancient time, when Indian cinema was popular here.

Bollywood has strong relations with Soviet Russia
Bollywood has been the biggest influence on Soviet cinema. According to media reports, if we look at the statistics from 1954 to 1991, during that time more than 200 Indian films were imported into the Soviet Union, while only 41 American films were shown. Released in the year 1982, ‘Disco Dancer’ was the highest grossing Bollywood film during the Soviet Union era.

Russians are crazy about glamor in Bollywood movies
Raj Kapoor’s magic was transmitted to the Russian audience when his film ‘Awara’ was released in 1954. It was the second highest-grossing foreign film in the Soviet Union. Esme Wright wrote in a report that Bollywood cinema’s appeal to Soviet audiences was similar to that of American cinema. The glamor of Bollywood movies was more than the movies of Marilyn Monroe and Steve McQueen. He believed that the values ​​of Indian society made it very compatible with the USSR. The difference between good and evil, stories of becoming king from the ranks have also been liked by the Russian audience.

Strong political relations between India and Russia
The presence of strong political relations between India and the USSR has been one of the main reasons for the flourishing of Bollywood during the Soviet Union period. After India’s independence in 1947, the Soviet Union began to strengthen diplomatic relations. The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, visited the Soviet Union in the year 1955.

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