Bollywood recognizes the sound of time

Bollywood recognizes the sound of time

Bollywood recognizes the sound of time

Time is changing, but Bollywood is not changing. His mentality of attacking the pride of the country is now removing Mumbai movies from the minds of the people.

once Aamir Khan, known as ‘Mr Perfectionist’, is of the opinion that unless a film earns five times its cost, it cannot be called a successful film at all. However, film experts believe that if a film recovers even twice its cost, then it is considered a ‘hit’. It may be that Aamir has specially set the scale of earning five times the cost. But while he thought so, he probably wouldn’t have guessed that the year 2022 would also come in the future, when it would be difficult to extract five times the profit from any of his films, let alone the cost. It’s not just about Aamir Khan here. This is the condition of almost all of Bollywood. In 2022 everyone is sitting around holding their heads for one reason or another. However, only a few movie stars and filmmakers have a valid reason to celebrate. Otherwise, most of them are also such, that they bloat just because their movies didn’t do and South’s movies did well. These are the same people who until a few years ago used to enjoy the success of Hollywood movies.

Heavy on all ‘The Kashmir Files’

As soon as 2022 started, Bollywood movies started rolling in the box office one after another. Then Vivek Agnihotri directed ‘The Kashmir Files’ and took the lead. Adorned with artists like Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi, Darshan Singh, this film tells the bloody story of atrocities and exodus of Kashmiri Hindus during the 1990s. There was no special discussion about the film in the general audience in the first two or three days. But when some Bollywood people started commenting on this movie as usual, all of a sudden people’s interest in the movie started to rise. In the movie, when people saw a truth so untold, it was deliberately never allowed to come to light, as if the dam of their patience was broken. As a result, only Rs.20 crore. ‘The Kashmir Files’ was made at a cost of Rs 100 crores in just seven days. They have done business of more than Rs. The global business of this film is Rs 340 crore. Which is a record in itself. The film managed to make a profit of 300 times its cost.

big and small, all in loss
Except for one or two, 2022 has not been good for Bollywood by any means. Especially for the big stars, who often make big claims about their movies. First name among these is Aamir Khan who felt that his film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ would earn Rs 500-1000 crore. You will easily win in the middle, but the opposite happened. The film was hit for full and around 134 crores. There was a loss of Rs.

In fact, people remembered how Aamir had been attacking Hindu Gods and Goddesses from time to time with his controversial statements and in his movies. This time, taking a look at the public, it has been shown that all this is now not going to work.

Like Aamir, Akshay Kumar’s movies also disappointed this year. Although the themes of his films (‘Ramsetu’, ‘Samrat Prithviraj’, ‘Bachchan Pandey’ and ‘Rakshabandhan’) were very good and appreciated, the results of his were contrary to expectations. Despite this, Akshay Kumar’s films did not fare as well as Aamir’s films. Akshay’s ‘Ramsetu’ scored 10th place in the list of highest grossing films in 2022 which is Rs 92 crore. He was successful in collecting

Actually, 2022 is said to be the worst for Bollywood because most of the movies cost Rs 20-30 crore. He has also been unable to collect and Rs.10 crore. Don’t even ask for those who charge less than Rs. There are more than 30 movies that have the stamp of ‘failure’. On the other hand, apart from ‘The Kashmir Files’, ‘Brahmastra: Chapter One Shiva’ is the only film that has grossed Rs 431 crores. Batorkar managed to top the list. This movie is said to cost Rs. Made in In this context, it can also be called an average movie. Apart from this, Ajay Devgan’s ‘Drishyam 2’ has done a very good business and has shown how an interesting movie can be made from a simple subject matter.

The film earned around Rs 306 crore globally. He has done business in Other than this, movies like Bhool Bhulaiya 2 (Rs 266 crore), Gangubai Kathiawadi (Rs 209 crore), Radhe Shyam (Rs 151 crore), Jug Jug Jio (Rs 136 crore ), Vikram Vedha (Rs 135 crore). is a little supportive of it.

southern feeling
It is hard to say that any other southern film will be able to break the revenue figure of the Hindi version of ‘KGF 2’ in the near future. Because in the heart of Hindi, a southern movie made Rs 434 crore. To win, it is not a small thing. And Bollywood is probably surprised by this. 100 crores, this movie rested entirely on the shoulders of actor Yash. Made at a cost of Rs 1,250 crores and has a global turnover of Rs. remained. Clearly, a major part of the film’s collection is the love of the North Indian audience, while this masala film has everything Bollywood was once known for. By the way, the Bollywood forehead sweat job was done by SK s. Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’ has also done well, with a global business of around Rs 1.2 billion. remained. The Hindi version of the film earned 277 crores. Doing the business of giving sleepless nights to the Bollywood frat.

In fact, Bollywood would surely be surprised by the success of two big southern films in the months of March and April this year, as their own films were being beaten despite their best efforts. In such a situation, there was thunder with the success of films like ‘Kantara’ and ‘Kartikeya 2’, the cost of production of which would have put Ranbir and Ranveer to shame. 16 crores only. Made in ‘Kantara’, everyone has raised around Rs 450 crore. 81 crores, while the Hindi version made the film Rs. Has won. 16 crore ‘Kartikeya 2’, manufactured in 1995, also brought in 120 crore worldwide. He has made a 30 crore deal on his Hindi version account. Returns. In fact, it’s time for Bollywood introspection, including the three Khans. To find out what is the reason that their movies are struggling all the way and movies from the South are easily earning five to ten times their cost. If it doesn’t change according to the demand of the time, then perhaps the future Bollywood movies will also keep the audience away from the movie theater.

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