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Police filed a case against 17 foreign nationals for working without a work permit on Bollywood movies and web series

Khagran NewsRelease Date: Sun, Nov 27, 2022 09:35pm (IST)Date Updated: Sun, Nov 27 2022 09:35pm (IST)

New Delhi, JNN. Aliens Reserved: Due to illegal work in Bollywood movie web series, Mumbai Dahisar Police raided and seized 17 foreign nationals for working without work permit and filed a case against them. It also includes 10 women. Filming was happening at the Dahisar campus.

The police had received a complaint that many foreigners were participating in the filming of a movie.

Actually, police sources had received a complaint that many foreigners were participating in the filming of a movie. Following this, a police team came to LP Singte Film Studio located at Konkanipada, Dahisar East and raided the web series which was being filmed at Tiger Baby Digital LLP production house where police seized 17 foreign nationals and one case was registered. Against them. In addition to men, women are also included in 17 foreigners. All of them are citizens of Russia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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foreigners did not have a work permit

When the police asked them for information on paper, 17 were found to be foreign citizens and do not have a work permit or proper visa. Some of them were also found violating the visa rules. This information has been provided by Praveen Patil, Chief Inspector of the Dahisar Police Station. The police also reported that out of 17 foreigners, 10 are women. They are all from Russia, Australia and the UK who had come to India on a tourist visa and were brought to Mumbai from Goa by a vendor. I wanted to film a web series with them. The police are also looking for the supplier. The police also informed that they have registered a case against all the defendants under the Aliens Act 14B and now the matter is under investigation.

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Foreign women are often background dancers in Bollywood movies.

Significantly, in Bollywood movies, the background dancers are usually foreign actresses or women. She comes to India on a tourist visa and returns after doing special numbers or guest appearances in various movies in two to three months. Because of this, local artists often don’t get work. On the other hand, due to visiting India, these tourists also get the opportunity to visit different states through work. These things have been reported to the police many times and often the police try to stop such illegal activities by conducting such raids.

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