It was again a great day at the theaters as Rs. 14 crores came. last Friday, Drishyam 2 He had brought Rs. 15.38 crore and at the end of the first week Rs. Rs 104.66 crore had been deposited, resulting in a long time for the exhibition circle. Now this week another transport of at least Rs 90 crore has also been promised, what else? Drishyam 2 going well and wolf Picking up a start from where it can develop further into the weekend.

Let’s talk about the new release. wolf first. The movie is a great thing by all means and its top-notch visuals, 3D release, and interesting storyline are some of the main factors in attracting people to theaters. It is not a small screen movie by any means and therefore a very good audience was expected from the first day of its release. Also, since the film is mainly aimed at youngsters and children, and Varun Dhawan has a good audience there, it was expected to grow by double digits on Friday. However, this did not happen and one of the main reasons for this is parallel play. Drishyam 2 Whose momentum is carrying it forward in the second week as well. Still Rs. Rs 7.25 crore* has arrived and with good reports in its favour, the numbers should rise over the weekend.

On the other hand Drishyam 2 now it is a fixed case, so much so that it has decreased since Thursday [Rs. 8.62 crores] on Friday [Rs. 7.87 crores] is the minimum. Even the biggest and best movies see a drop on the second Friday, especially between Rs. 100 crores in the first week, and this is where Ajay Devgn’s leading man continues to rock. The second weekend of the movie comfortably Rs. 30 crores and the second week will exceed Rs. 55 crores, therefore a drop of less than 50% from the first week. Superhit heads towards Blockbuster.

*Estimate. last expected number

Note: All collections according to sources of production and distribution

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