Akshay Kumar wants to lower his fees, he said: Bollywood is making a mistake in understanding the audience, an expert said.

Akshay Kumar wants to lower his fees, he said: Bollywood is making a mistake in understanding the audience, an expert said.

Akshay Kumar wants to lower his fees, he said: Bollywood is making a mistake in understanding the audience, an expert said.

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New Delhi, JNN. Akshay Kumar, who is famous for making many movies on the theme of patriotism, is under discussion these days for not working on ‘Hera Pheri 3’. He has shared the reason why he rejected this script. Along with this, he has also talked about unsuccessful movies and cost cutting in Bollywood. Akshay, who came to an event in Delhi, said why now people’s trend of Hindi movies is declining.

Akshay said where the film industry is going wrong

At the event, Akshay emphasized the need to reduce the cost of movies, saying he would like to lower his fee for movies. He said that if the film industry wants to win the hearts of the audience, it must start anew. “I think things have changed. The public wanted something different. We the people should sit down and think about what they want and give it to them. It’s not our audience’s fault that they don’t come to see our movies.

What we have built must be torn down and start again. Think about what kind of cinema they would like to see. I want to start in a completely different way. And this is what I have also started to do. People’s preferences have changed rapidly during the pandemic.

I want to reduce rates by 30-40 percent

Movie-wise, 2022 has been nothing special for Akshay Kumar. His films released by him failed to do wonders at the box office. Be it ‘Raksha Bandhan’ or ‘Emperor Prithviraj’, almost all of his films this year were flops or average. The recently released ‘Thank God’ is also struggling. Taking lessons from this experience, Akshay said, “There are many things that need attention. Not only actors, but also producers and theater people need to understand this.

I would like to tell you that I would like to reduce the rate by 30 to 40 percent. Theater people also have to understand that this is the age of inflation. People have a limited amount of money to invest in entertainment. And it’s not just about theaters. We all (have to) pay attention to the cost of movie making.

There was no benefit even after reducing the ticket price.

For information, we told you that this year the Indian film industry had experimented to reduce the price of tickets, which was successful. On National Film Day in September, many films were shown for 75 rupees.

Film business analyst Atul Mohan had a special talk with Dainik Jagran about this. He said that lowering the price has a big impact on the audience. By reducing the price of tickets, the number of audiences in the theater increases. It’s a good experiment to take people to theaters to see your movies. Since the advent of multiplexes in the last 10 or 12 years, ticket prices are getting more expensive and bigger collections have an impact too.

Rate hikes are serious business

He said that today one has to spend one’s own money for the promotion of the film, which was not the case before. In earlier times, the actor used to set a fee for himself. It is the same even today, but the actors raise the fees, which is not in the capacity of all producers.

Scripts have an effect too

He also said that nowadays the new writers don’t have that thing that the previous writers had. Then soon no big artist wants to work with new writers. In such a situation, he takes his story to the little actors, who make his movie and do it well. The audience wants content with mass entertainment and cultural background, which they get from movies from the South. This thing is missing from Hindi movies.

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