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5 K-pop groups you need to check out NOW: NewJeans, PENTAGON and more

K-pop actually means Korean popular music. It is a mix and match of many genres including but not limited to pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, etc. What makes K-pop so unique is that the artists are not limited to one genre. K-pop is really experimental. K-pop groups usually have at least one rapper, be it Blackpink or BTS. Also, the K-pop language is not strictly limited to Korean. Many languages ​​mix and match in the lyrics, as is the case with groups like Mamamoo or Seventeen where more and more English phrases are used. This gave them extra points in the global market and increased their chances of going global.

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According to Korea JoongAng Daily, timing is the main key when it comes to the sudden global K-pop rush. They trace it back to Spotify’s decision to launch K-pop Hub, but social media and algorithms played less of a role compared to the latter. And while it’s mostly reported as a one-off, the K-pop industry has been laying the groundwork for its rise for a long time. They always wanted to enter the foreign market. From concerts and shows abroad to including more and more English hooks in their songs, the rise could be described as a domino effect.

As a result, Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines surpassed South Korea in K-pop-related tweets, as Twitter showed last year.

So now that we’ve got the basics right, let’s take a look at the 10 best new K-pop groups you should be watching, like, right now.

1. New jeans

This K-pop girl group, made up of ADOR, a sub-company of Hybe Corporation, is capable of ADOR and impressive with their talent at the same time. Minzy, Hunny, Danielle, Herrin and Hine are five creatives and they’re making it right now with multiple award nominations and wins in their kitty. They’re barely six months old, so they’re a baby K-pop group, but they’re making history with their songs, including the hit new single OMG.

2. (G)i-DLE

Any true K-pop fan would surely have heard this name by now. Seen by many as a possible future face of K-pop, it consists of 5 members Mion, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuki, and Shuhua formed under Cube Entertainment. The group debuted in 2018 and have never looked back. Not only did she release a number one single on Billboard, but she continues to rise like a phoenix. Considering his total time on the scene, that’s a tremendous feat.

3. Stray Kids

Stray Kids is what you need to get you going on weekdays because it’s basically store-bought adrenaline. With upbeat and rap music, accompanied by dazzling dance performances, they refuse to make you feel sad while listening to them. They are another up-and-coming group coming from JYP Entertainment and came through a reality show of the same name. The eight horsemen in the group are Bang Chan, Lee No, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and In. They have managed to gain great success in the past year thanks to their successful releases.

4. Tomorrow X Together

Popularly known as TXT, they are ruling the Twitter texts like crazy, sharing the same parent company as BTS-BIGHIT MUSIC. Debuting in 2019, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huiningkai are the top 5 talents in this group. They are preparing their fifth mini album ‘Chapter: Temptation’ which will be released soon and the excitement level is off the charts. Their releases have charted on music charts around the world, proving they’re here to stay.

5. The Pentagon

If you want to drool like there’s no tomorrow, then you need to listen to his music. Another explosion under Cube Entertainment, they are quite an interesting group. Comprised of Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo Wan, Yan An, Ueto, Kino, and Wooseok, they are a bit older than the rest of the groups on the scene, having debuted in 2016. Their signature blend of electronic and pop music it will surely leave a mark on your mind.

Special mention:


In true ‘You Go Girl’ spirit, this girl group is on the rise. Yeji, Liya, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna have been trained and trained under JYP Entertainment. She has the beauty and the talent to back it up. She has won several awards since her debut in 2019, making it her favorite. Her first song, ‘Dalla Dalla’, broke the YouTube record for most views in a 24-hour span for a debut song and a story created. ITZY is here to eat and he doesn’t leave a crumb and the public is rooting for him like crazy, it seems.


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