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Deeksha Bollywood Actress Bhirr – Came From A Small Town And Carved A Place For Her In Bollywood!

Diksha Bollywood Actress in Buhana: Diksha Bollywood Actress Bhirr, Buhana Jhunjhunu.

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She worked differently and later became an actress.
Hello friends!
Friends, today I present to you such a small artist, who has brought laurels to the family and the town. It was always the thought of the whole family not to be shy and do something different. With the same desire, the little artist took a long leap and realized the dream of becoming a hero in the world of cinema.

Family and introduction.

Talking to our correspondent Khushboo, Deeksha from the Bhirr village of Buhana tehsil in Jhunjhunu district shared everything about his childhood, studies and family. Deeksha ji said about himself that my name is Deeksha Maan. Our town is small but for the last thirty-five years we have been living in Singhana. My father owns a store and my mother is an LIC agent.
Deeksha said that I have studied at Sophia School. My father always said don’t do sheep tricks. He has to do something different. At that time, a guy with me had gone into hotel management, so he too was looking for something different to do. At that time my older sister was doing engineering. So I was also selected in engineering for Government College Bikaner. I started doing engineering. At the same time my younger brother was doing engineering in Jaipur. One day an advertisement to join the theater appeared in the newspaper and my brother joined the theater.
I thought about doing something different, then I got that line, and when the brother used to come home, he used to talk a lot about the theater. He used to live in Bikaner Hostel, so he was not allowed to go out after 6:00 pm So night and day he started thinking only about theater. After completing my engineering, I also went to Jaipur and joined theater.

What to say!

jhunjhunu diksha maan story

After joining the theatre, I came to know how Guruji gives training there. My Guruji taught me not to talk for the sake of talking. The meaning of your words should come out. Success should be measured by his way of working, this way of working should be the way of working, Guru ji’s training was very effective for me. He told me where the road to Mumbai is from.
Deeksha said I don’t know how to sing. I did not learn to sing, I was learning to play the harmonium, only then I joined the theater, Diksha Bollywood Actress in Buhana, which was also left incomplete. Now when I see people, I feel like it too. That is why both brothers and sisters completed the application in mumbai university for masters degree. So I was selected and my brother was not. We had thought that if one gets admission, he should study through college and the other should get outside experience by auditioning, etc.

with the family
How did your family support you to keep going? In response to this, Deeksha says that all four of my parents used to make decisions together. The whole family has been with us, my mother has fought a lot for us. My maternal grandmother was also extraordinary, as was my mother. We are walking in her footsteps. One time we did not explain to family members what we were doing. But as time went by, they also understood that the children were fine.


jhunjhunu diksha maan

Deeksha said that I started giving auditions after 2019 and have worked on many commercials, but now comes my first image, which is called Narakasur. It will be my endeavor to screen this film in a theater near me so that everyone I know can enjoy watching it. In this Narakasur image, the power of women has been described, that women were never weak, they go through ups and downs with time.

Delivering a message to all young men and women, Deeksha said that if you advance in any line while gaining knowledge, no one will stop you from succeeding. But if you go for the greed of money, then you can never succeed. So move forward with confidence and knowledge.
Deeksha’s mother said that my eldest daughter Poonam is a doctor, the youngest boy Deepak and Deeksha are doing their job in Mumbai. Who are completely free to work and choose their life partner. Deeksha also shared the complete details related to the image.

your thoughts.

passion and passion,
Get together with the family.
May success go your way,
Neither see the day nor the night.

Vidyadhar Tetarval,

The daughter of the village of Bhirr played an important role in the film about the power of women, a cinematic journey like this

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