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25+ Best Christmas Movies as per IMDb That You Must Watch – News

25+ Best Christmas Movies as per IMDb That You Must Watch – News

Christmas is not just a one day party. Rather, Christmas is a feeling for many people around the world. In this article, we’ve included a variety of genres and storylines—from romantic comedies, musicals, and animated stories to action and mystery—for everyone to watch, enjoy, and get into the festive spirit and atmosphere of the holidays.

While most websites list the most popular (but repetitive) Christmas movies to watch each year, we thought why not take a look at some of the classic underdog Christmas movies? Not only will they serve as a breath of freshness this holiday season, but they will also revive the holiday spirit – you never know what ideas or inspiration you might get from them!

Without further ado, let’s jump on Santa’s wagon of highly rated Christmas movies according to IMDb. Fala la la la… let the Christmas magic begin!

The Best Christmas Movies of All Time According to IMDb

You can stream these holiday movies on any number of streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV, or YouTube.

1. Die Hard

released = 1988


Debatable, but it’s still a Christmas movie. The movie opens with John McClane and his wife at an airport being kidnapped. Now, John McClane, a police officer, must keep his daughter safe while he rescues his estranged wife at a Christmas party in Nakatomi Plaza.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas

release = 1993


The protagonist, Jack Skellington, is the king of Halloween Town, but he is bored. He goes into Christmas Town for fun. He becomes so obsessed with the joy of Christmas and how to keep it forever that he begins kidnapping children and stealing their souls. When Jack finally realizes his madness, he tries to return all the stolen souls to the children and manages to save Santa Claus.

3. Home Alone + Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Release = 1990, 1992


Kevin McCollister, 8, is left home alone to protect his house from burglars. The film will show how children should take care of themselves at home and how they should use the natural environment to help protect the home. This classic Christmas movie will also delve into some of the challenges that come with being home alone, like potty training problems and being tired or irritable due to disrupted sleep patterns.

4. I really love

release = 2003


Love Actually, a Christmas romantic comedy, is about eight diverse couples dealing with love. Sometimes the love we think we want is not the love that will make us happy.

5. Silent Night (TV Movie)

release = 2002


The film is set in the time of 1944. In a cabin on a World War II front, a German mother and her son mediate peace between three American and three German soldiers so they can all celebrate Christmas Eve together.

6. Next Stop, Christmas (TV Movie)

released = 2021


Angie agrees to spend Christmas alone. However, her usual commuter elevator turns into a Hallmark Christmas train that drops her off in her hometown.

7. Arthur Christmas

release = 2011


GrandSanta and Arthur, the clumsy son of Santa Claus, go on an errand to deliver a gift to a little girl they lost. They only have less than two hours. Will they succeed?

8. Bad Santa

release = 2003


A pathetic, pathetic thug poses as Santa Claus while his accomplice poses as Santa’s Little Helper to rob several department stores on Christmas Eve. However, when the bully befriends a troubled boy, they start having strange problems.

9. Charming, motionless

release = 2008


Directed by Nick Fackler, this Christmas movie revolves around a Christmas story telling the moving story of an old man who discovers love for the first time.

10. goblin

release = 2003

imdb = 7

Elf is a movie that needs to be seen at least once during the Christmas season, if not every year. It’s gripping and heartwarming, with great performances from Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell. The story of Buddy, an elf who was raised by humans but later discovers his true identity, will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. And it has some very catchy tunes too!

11. A Christmas Carol

release = 2009


If you’re looking for a movie that will move you and make you cry, A Christmas Carol is just what the doctor ordered. Based on Charles Dickens’ 1843 novel of the same name, this modern narrative follows a wealthy businessman who neglects his family on vacation. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by four ghosts who try to change the way he is, but will they succeed?

12. Sincerity

released = 2001


A couple met, fell in love and broke up. Convinced that one day they will end up together, they continue to search for each other years after that fateful first night. Will a Christmas miracle bring them together? It’s the perfect movie to watch wrapped in a warm blanket with your boyfriend!

13. Miracle on 34th Street

release = 1994


Miracle on 34th Street is another Christmas movie that will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. It stars Richard Attenborough, who plays a man with an unusual obsession: he thinks he’s Santa Claus. His daughter and her husband, played by Elizabeth Perkins, however, are not convinced. When Betty is sent home from school for telling her classmates about her father’s beliefs, he goes on a quest to prove her identity. This movie has all the makings of a good Christmas movie: it’s touching, funny, and well acted.

14. Happiest Season

released = 2020


The Happiest Season is a Hollywood Christmas romantic comedy that wholeheartedly captures the many emotions associated with being true to yourself, seeking approval from your family, and trying not to ruin Christmas by revealing a dirty secret. This Christmas movie is truly a roller coaster and a must see with your family!

15. Better care

released = 2016


Better Watch Out is a film in which a nanny must protect a twelve-year-old boy from intruders on a quiet suburban street. However, the twist comes when they learn that this is no ordinary home invasion. Watch this Christmas movie to find out what happens next.

16. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

release = 2011


This dark comedy Christmas movie revolves around two stoner friends, Kumar Patel and Harold Lee. Six years after their adventure in Guantanamo Bay, two friends inadvertently start a Christmas fight by lighting Harold Lee’s father-in-law’s glorified Christmas tree. The comic timing and acting make this movie worth watching this Christmas with your family members!

The best Christmas movies of 2022 that you must see

For one thing, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Lindsay Lohan make a big comeback with their rom-com Christmas plot style. Elsewhere, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell team up for an explosive musical comedy. Check out a list of this year’s holiday releases below that will have you cracking up in the festive spirit.

best christmas movies

17. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol


18. A Christmas Carol Christmas

imdb = 7

19. Energetic


20. Noel’s Diary


21. Christmas on repeat


22. Christmas with you


23. Falling in love with Christmas


24. I Hate Christmas (TV series)

Launch December 2022

25. Violent night

Launch December 2022

26. Your Christmas or mine?

Launch December 2022

27. Christmas full of grace

Planned release November 2022

28. The Claus Family 3

Planned release December 2022


Christmas is truly a time for celebration, family, and movies. A perfect time to curl up with some hot chocolate and watch some of the best Christmas movies. While some people look forward to this day to reunite with their loved ones, others enjoy the holiday season with fun and activities that include decorating, cooking, shopping, and even preparing a curated list of Christmas movies. Unleash your creative abilities. So, we did our research and brought you an assorted collection of Christmas movies to make the festival even more enjoyable.

What Christmas movie or series do you like to watch with your friends, family or partner? Tell us your favorite in the comments section below!

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