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Bollywood Legend: This Movie Became A Memorable Hit Being In Trouble, The Heroine Had To Buy Her Own Plane Tickets

Bollywood Classics: Bazaar, which arrived in 1982, is counted among today’s classic movies. Sagar Sarhadi directed this movie. This was his debut feature. Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Sheikh and Supriya Pathak were the lead actors in the film. This film was made in the midst of much poverty and anguish. Sagar Sarhadi had a good story. But he didn’t have the money to make this movie. When he only had 500 rupees in his pocket, he dreamed of making this movie. But the film’s story was so good that everyone from Shashi Kapoor to Yash Chopra volunteered to help Sagar Sarhadi.

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In the story of the film, such a problem of society was raised that it has its existence somewhere. The film was based on Hyderabad. This was the story of a girl named Najma, whose parents are preparing to sell her just for money. She but she leaves the house with a man named Akhtar Hussain because he is not ready to sell. Akhtar also keeps him under the illusion that he will one day marry Najma. The idea for the film Sagar Sarhadi came from a newspaper article. In which it was said that if someone wants to, he can buy a girlfriend with money and then he can leave her if he wants to. Sagar Sarhadi really liked this idea for the film. But no producer was willing to invest money in this film.

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Finally, Sagar Sarhadi got Vijay Talwar, who agreed to produce the film. But he also didn’t have enough money to make the movie. Then Shashi Kapoor stepped forward. He helped Sagar Sarhadi to get the equipment for the film. Shashi Kapoor told Sagar Sarhadi that when you have money, pay it back, otherwise there is no problem. Yash Chopra helped Sagar Sarhadi obtain the raw negatives. The film was to be shot in Hyderabad. Sagar Sarhadi did not have enough money to get plane tickets for Supriya Pathak. That is why he told Supriya Pathak to please, if possible, buy his own ticket and come to the shoot. Supriya Pathak also cooperated with him and came to Hyderabad with his own money. But when the movie became a hit and Sagar got the money, he gave Supriya Pathak his fee and the ticket money.

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