These stars have been trolled for the names of the children.

These stars have been trolled for the names of the children.

These stars have been trolled for the names of the children.

There are many Bollywood couples who have been trolled because of their children’s names.

When a child is born, the whole family is very excited. More than that, they want to choose the best name for that child. For this, they also do a lot of research and strive to keep a unique name. However, it is a personal matter for them to choose a name for their child and what not. But when it comes to celebrities, things are different.

Bollywood celebrities are a public figure, so they cannot stay too private even in their personal lives. Not only that, you also have to troll him for his personal life. Yes, there are many celebrities who have had to face many trolls regarding the names of their children. So, today in this article we tell you about some of these celebrity couples:

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor

Alia Bhatt and ranbir kapoorThey are counted among the cutest couple in Bollywood. The couple became parents on November 6, 2022 after the birth of their daughter Raha. Shortly after the birth of the daughter, Alia-Ranbir announced the name of her daughter. To that end, she also posted a beautifully framed image of the Barcelona jersey with Raha written on it. However, it was only after posting this that netizens started trolling her. The fans did not like the announcement of the name of Alia-Ranbir’s daughter in this way.

Kareena and Saif Ali Khan

Bollywood celebs trolled by their children's names

Kareena She is an actress, who is well liked for her acting. But after the birth of her two children, she had to face many trolls to name a few. When Kareena first became a mother, she named her son Taimur. Because he was trolled a lot. People believed that the couple named their son after the founder of the Empire Timur, who invaded India in 1398. However, Saif and Kareena said that Taimur means iron. At the same time, there was much uproar even after naming her second son as Jahangir Ali Khan.

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farah khan

farah khan trolled his son's name Choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan has always been on the receiving end of trolling. When she married Indian filmmaker Shirish Kunder, 9 years her junior, she was trolled a lot. After this she became the mother of three children and named them Jar, Diva and Anya. But he was trolled a lot by trollers on behalf of her son Jar of hers. Not only this, her children are very trolled not only because of her name but also because of their religion. Even people won’t stop trolling her because of her body type.

Of course, only parents or relatives should have the right to choose their child’s name, even if they are celebrities. No one has the right to troll him.

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