Bollywood Celebrity Replacement |  When Bollywood celebrities were replaced

Bollywood Celebrity Replacement | When Bollywood celebrities were replaced

Bollywood Celebrity Replacement |  When Bollywood celebrities were replaced

Bollywood celebrity replacement: bollywood (bollywood) Every year more than a thousand films are made there. However, these movies have to go through a lot of changes and a lot of work before being released on the big screen. Many times, a film director has the desire to project a certain actor in his mind. But that celeb never liked the script of the movie or any other projects that are underway during that time. That’s why the filmmaker has to replace it.

There are many such celebrities who have admitted in their interviews that they have been replaced in the movies by someone else. Let us tell you about those celebrities.

1.Priyanka Chopra

Global icon Priyanka Chopra has appeared in many Bollywood and Hollywood movies over the years. He once said about being replaced in the movies,

,I have been replaced in movies and this has happened twice. There were also situations with me where I got fired from a movie because someone else was recommended to me… after I signed a movie, they recommended a girlfriend for that movie. Choosing an actor’s girlfriend or a director’s girlfriend is an abuse of power.”


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2.Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu has always spoken out. Also, she has been talking about how she dealt with misogyny from people in Bollywood. She once told her as she explained the reason for her replacement,

“I faced a lot of weird things at first, like she’s not that pretty. I was also replaced because the hero’s wife didn’t want me to be a part of the movie. She was dubbing for one of my movies, so they told me that if the hero doesn’t like the dialogue, I should change it. When I refused to do it, they called in a voiceover artist to do it behind me.”

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3. Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan once shared how he was replaced from the movie without informing him. The actor said,

“They have replaced me in movies and they didn’t even tell me. I went to shoot and I saw someone else shooting there. And then you have to quietly turn around and walk away.”


4. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor has evolved a lot as an actress and her path in Bollywood has been quite interesting. She once talked about the disparity in rates in the industry and how this became the reason for her replacement. He said,

“He had demanded a certain fee and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. You invest the same amount of time and effort, so you obviously need a certain amount. Now there is a lot of discussion about the disparity in rates, but when I said at the beginning, nobody paid attention to it. I demanded an amount and that’s why they replaced me.”

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5. Rajkumar Rao

Rajkumar Rao feels that being replaced in movies is not such a bad thing. He believes that there is a lot of work in the industry. He once said,

“Just keep going. You just think maybe this isn’t my luck. I’m pretty chill out that way. I don’t hold anything in my heart.”

6. Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah completely dissolves into her character. He has played many important roles in his career. Speaking of how she has been replaced in the movies, she said:

“All someone had to do was call me or the director and say ‘excuse me or else XYZ is better for this movie.'” This is human behavior and basic etiquette. I felt really bad about this. I felt bad about this, but I also knew that the person they chose was a big star. I’m not a star, I’m an actor. Yes, I’m sorry. But more than that I felt like ‘hey, you would have told me’. Second, I felt bad about losing a good part.


7.Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif told in an interview remembering an old incident with her in the industry. He said,

“I was kicked out of a movie called Saya or I can say I was replaced. It was an Anurag Basu film, which also included John Abraham and Tara Sharma. After firing a shot. During that time I felt that my life was over. I thought my career was over.”

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