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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh and Sameer have a fight over Tobacco Advertisement

Bohot Pyaar Hai Aug 5, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Kadambari telling the female employee that she will be selfish and cruel to move on in life and says that if you are an innocent cow, people will compress you and you will become their servant. She says that you will be grounded for 2 weeks and that you will only write daily horoscopes. The clerk says no, ma’am, please. Kadambari asks him to get out of it. Sameer calls Kadambari and says that he is Sameer Malhotra. Kadambari asks if the superstar is Riteish’s superflop cousin Sameer. He says that he won’t fail and goes on an ad. He says that he wants to do an exclusive interview with her. She says that she is not interested and ends the call. Sameer tells Vivaan that Kadambari Patel hates men, and says that B is Times No 1 magazine, and he wants to lure her to the top.

Rahul asked Ritesh what the story is like. Ritesh says that he is sad. Rahul says no, actually a writer has written a true story of a middle class man. Riteish asks why he’s been talking about the middle class since morning. They say first that girl, your story and then the photo is also middle class. The driver suddenly applies the brakes. The driver says sorry. Ritesh says the name of the middle class restaurant and says many more. Raúl asked what happened.

Indu arrives at Zoon’s room and says that Bob has prepared a special chocolate shake for you. She asks him to participate in a sport and tells him that she is going to participate with him. Zun says everyone has a dad, why not me? Indu says that God wants your Moj to give love to both parents. Zoon hugs her and tells her to ask the genie Ritesh to find her dad soon. Indu says that she doesn’t want to be Ritesh’s subject again and says that she can’t bring your dad. Zoon says that she will bring my dad. Indu says that I am complying with all your insistence and asks her to understand that he cannot fulfill her wish. She asks him to drink. Zun turned his face away. Indu gets angry.

The servant arrives in the kitchen and tells the other servant that the witch has a headache and fell asleep. Dasi says that if she listens to you, she will take your life. He says that she is in this job because of debt. He asks will you eat cookies? She says no and asks if she should make tea. He says no and dips the cookie in the water. Ritesh gets there and says that she feels middle class. He stops the servant and asks him what he wants to show that he belongs to the middle class. He says that you are eating biscuits and water and that you have no money. He says you’ll eat salted roti and refuses the car if I give it to you. The servant says no, I will not refuse. Ritesh says that middle-class people have values ​​and self-respect. Raúl asked what happened. Ritesh says I’m keeping it from becoming middle class. He asks about his salary. The servant says 15k. Riteish says, as of yesterday, 30K. Raúl asked what? Ritesh says that we have to change this middle class and ask them to buy ration, paneer, milk etc. He asks you to enjoy it. The servant is happy. The maid asks why are you doing her this favor? He says Ritesh because he belongs to the middle class. The maid says I would have eaten roti with water too.

Zoon looks for Ritesh’s pool picture with his autograph and thinks that Moz asked me to stay away from Ritesh and puts his picture in his bag. Rajendra gets there and asks Zoon if he needs dad or super dad. Asking him, Zoon finishes the milk. He says I’m a super dad and I’ll play the game. She says that you are old, how are you going to play volleyball. She says that he was the champion. Zun tells all the big lies? He asks who lied to you. Zoon tells Moz, and says that he asked me to stay away from Ritesh, and she herself is putting her picture in her bag. Rajendra looks at the photo. Indu comes there. Rajendra looks at her. Indu asks what happened? She says that she drank milk from Bob’s hand hee. She asks why they are both staring at me. Rajendra asks what this picture is doing in your bag. Indu says that she came by mistake. Rajendra says that you asked Zoon not to meet her and he asks you what this picture is doing in your bag. He signs it and pretends to scold her. Zun tells him not to scold Moz and tells Dad not to scold, but to love.

Rahul asks Ritesh to rest and tells him that tomorrow he has to shoot intense scenes. Ritesh asks what gifts middle-class people give each other. Rahul asks him to rest and leaves. Ritesh gets a call from Anil. He takes the call and says hello. He is surprised to find out something and what does he say? She comes out of her room and calls out to Sameer. She hears Sameer in his room partying with his friends and dancing to loud music. She knocks Sameer down and asks his friends to leave. Sameer asks have you gone crazy? Ritesh says that she has a problem with his Gutkha campaign. Sameer says then you won’t make movies from the South. He says you have no right to stop me. Ritesh says that I can stop you and says that I have some rules. Sameer says that people will eat tobacco whether it is advertised or not. Ritesh says I won’t let any Malhotra break Dad’s rules. He asks her to read Ritesh Malhotra’s name and says that you will live life by my rules in my house. Sameer asks where his rules went when he gave a fake reporter a car for his promotion. Ritesh says that he wanted to give her a car to thank her. Sameer says you must have given him 2-4K, he must have accepted it. He says that you want to become God and cleanse your image. He says that he didn’t accept the gift and that you’re taking your frustration out on me. Ritesh gets angry and says that he saved me from jail, that he stays out of it. Sameer says a smart young boy was needed for that, and you’re insecure and jealous. Riteish says you’re a flop star, and I’ll be jealous of you. He says my movies are superhit. Sameer says that once he makes this announcement, everyone will know his price. Ritesh grabs him by the neck and tells him that he will not make this announcement. Sameer says I will. Pankaj and Kamna come there. Ritesh says that his son is doing an advertisement for 15 million rupees. Pankaj asks is it true? Sameer says yes. Ritesh says I’ll break your mouth. Sameer says I’ll bury you here. Pankaj says that you will not make this announcement. He asks Ritesh to go to his room. Ritesh goes to his room. Pankaj says that you will not make this announcement and that you will regret marrying Kamna. Kamna’s eyes moisten.

Indu tells Vivek that my daughter’s heart breaks every day because of Ritesh’s promise. She says that these superstars feel that others also lead a cinematic life. She says that if I find her again, I will definitely find her. Vivek says that war is not the solution to all problems. Indu asked what to do. He says that he has an idea and whispers something to her. Indu likes her idea and he appreciates it. June comes there. Indu says I thought I’d give him some good news and says I’m bringing dad for a volleyball game. Zune really ask? Indu says yes, it’s a secret and asks him not to tell anyone. Zun is happy and leaves. Indu asks Vivek if this plan works. Vivek says yes. Indu is hopeful that his plan will work.

Precap: Ritesh is the special guest of the volleyball game. Zun says genius Ritesh. The teacher calls Zun’s father. Ritesh thinks maybe his father won’t be there. Later, Vivek calls Zoon’s father. Indu arrives there in disguise.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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