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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu reveals the truth to Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Hai Sep 22, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Indu seeing Zoon and getting emotional. Ritesh looks at Zoon and smiles. Rahul reaches Ritesh and tells him that you are smiling seeing Zoon smiling, I am very happy for you. Riteish says it’s happening, thanks to Kamna Di. Rahul says that he gave me important work and leaves. Indu thinks that my zoon is with me, but he is far away, how to meet her. Tears well up in her eyes. Some kids are fighting and accidentally spill the juice on Zun’s clothes. Indu and Ritesh run for June. Zun says that the juice fell on his clothes. Ritesh says that he will either clean it up or bring him new clothes. The children ask Ritesh to click on the photo with them. Ritesh says not now. Indu tells him that she will take him. Ritesh says that she won’t go with you. Zun says that he will go. This side says Ritesh. Zun goes with Indu. Ritesh took a selfie with the kids

Sameer comes out of a house and sees Kadambari sitting in his car. Kadambari talks to the lawyer Kapadia and then cancels all of his meetings. The driver tells Sameer that this is Zoon’s house. Sameer believes that Kadambari has some relationship with Indu. He asks the driver to take him to the B Times office.

Indu cleans Zoon’s dress. Zoon smiles and says that he misses his socks even as he cleans the stains like this. She says you’re a clown, if you know magic then bring me my socks, I miss him so much. Indu nodded and asked him to put his hand on her eyes. Zoon asks that if I close my eyes, my socks will come. Does it say Pinky’s promise? Indu promises him. Zun puts his hands on her eyes and counts… 1,2,3,4,5… she opens her eyes and asks Moz, please come. Indu comes by removing the makeup from her face. Zun thanks her and says that she was missing you. She asks him to hug her. Indu calls Fuggi and hugs her, she cries. Zoon asks if you’re mad at me and says sorry. Indu says why do you say sorry and says sorry, holds her ear to leave her alone. She says that I will always be with you, she says sorry and hugs her.

Vivek cares for Indu and Zoon and worries. Look at Tushar. Tusshar asks if you are wearing these clothes. Vivek says I’ll explain it to you. Kamna sees him and says that Indu is also dressed as Joker. Zun says I want to be with you. Indu says very soon, I will take you. She thinks how to tell him the truth. She sees the photo frame of Krishna and Yashoda there and asks Zoon to tell her who is in the photo. Zun says that he is Bal Krishna. Indu asks who is with her. Zun says I don’t know. Indu says that she is Yashoda, the socks of the child Krishna. Zun says that she is the socks of her. Indu says yes and no. She says that Yashoda did not give birth to her, but raised her. Zun asks who gave birth to him then. Indu says mother Devaki. She says that Devaki Maiya gave Krishna to Yashoda Maiyya, and that she loved and cared for him. She says that Krishna ji has two socks, Devaki and Yashoda. Zun says that all my friends have a Moj and I have a Moj too. Indu cries and says like Lord Krishna, you too have two socks, one that gave birth to you and one that gave you so much love and kept you with it. Zun says you are my socks and you gave birth to me. Indu says that I am not your Devaki Maiyya, but Yashoda Maiyya. Zoon says that Kamna Chachi was right. Kamna finds Zoon and Indu missing and questions Ritesh. Riteish says that Joker went with Zun to clean her clothes. Kamna follows him. Indu says that you are my daughter and I am your socks. She says that Nani calls Krishna as Lala from Yashoda. She says it’s just the truth you’ll know but that won’t change a thing you’ll always be my daughter and she says I love you and she says I’m sorry. Zun lets go of Indu’s hand and becomes sad. Indu asks why you don’t say anything and says sorry. Ritesh comes there with Kamna. I want smiles. Ritesh knocked on the door.

Kamna thinks that something unexpected is happening, which will save Indu from Riteish’s wrath. Ritesh asks if you changed your clothes. Kamna says we will enter. They enter, but do not see Zun there. Ritesh says I asked him to bring Zun here. Kamna says we will check into another room. Indu says that she is sorry and asks if she is sad. Vivek gets there and asks Indu to come over, says we have to get out of here immediately, and says Tusshar saw me and Ritesh and Kamna found us. Indu says let me talk to Zun for a minute. Vivek sees Ritesh and Kamna checking into another room and asks Indu to come over. Indu says that he cannot leave Zun in this condition. June is sad. Vivek begs Indu to come before him and drags her away. India cries. Vivek takes Indu with him. Zun is silent. Ritesh enters the room and sees the zoo. He says I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Kamna sees Joker’s cap and nose and tells him that it is part of the costume. She says that it may be Indu and Vivek. Ritesh says why are they going to do this. Kamna says that she must have disguised herself to meet Zun. Ritesh doesn’t believe her words. Kamna is going to prove it. Ritesh asks Zoon if your socks arrived. Kamna drags Tusshar there and threatens to tell. Tusshar tells Vivek sir and his friend Indu.

Precap: Ritesh threatens Vivek by holding Vivek’s necklace at Indu’s house. yells Indu Ritesh. Ritesh says that he will legally adopt Jun and if anything happens to Jun, I won’t leave you. Zun thinks she is a bad daughter and rips her painting out of the sketchbook. She leaves the CAA center.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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