Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu brings the proofs

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu brings the proofs

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu brings the proofs

Bohot Pyaar Hai Aug 1, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Pankaj saying that a lot has happened to our family in the last few days, we have to fix things, the court’s verdict will come later, but for now we have to be with Ritesh as a family. That is why we must be careful. during the press conference, and I’ll say what the lawyer tells us to say. He says that the press will try to talk to us, but we must be careful as our one mistake may ruin Ritesh’s career. Kamna says that all my eyes will be on everyone and that if someone makes a mistake, no one will be worse than me. Deep asks if I don’t attend the press conference then it’s fine. Kamna says that we will be supporting Riteish. Deep says that his work has been affected as he did not visit the site for 3 days. Kamna says I said. He then asks Dolly to prepare breakfast for the press and asks her not to eat it, but instead to serve it. She looks at Riteish and says that today is your big day, and asks if she’s ready to tell the world the truth. Ritesh says what to say, when I myself do not know where the intoxication in my blood came from. Sameer says it was a hit party, you would have taken it. Ritesh says I don’t do drugs, you know. Sameer says you can tell the family. Ritesh says that the truth is that I don’t do drugs and says that when I can’t explain it to my family, how can I explain it to others. Kamna says that when she said she didn’t drink, then she didn’t. Sameer thinks that no one can save Ritesh. He tells Kamna that he can ignore her report, but she can’t. He says that she will lie to him and leaves. Kamna asked the servant to set up a hall for the press conference.

Sunita gets a call and asks Anjali about Indu. Anjali says that she went out to work. Sunita reaches Rajendra and says that dot com called and said that a family would like Indu’s profile and they would come to see Zoon as the groom is leaving for Dubai tomorrow. She says that she called them at night. Rajendra asks if it is necessary to do it today, since Zun is recovering. Sunita says that 5 years have passed because of Zun. She says that she’s not pushing to get married any time soon. Rajendra says that he is fine, he talks to Indu.

Deep asks the servant to pour water for the media. She tells them to call if they need anything. Rahul arrives and asks them to sit down. The media ask what is the point of calling this press conference. Kamna asks who has called them here. Pankaj says that he is the one who was against Ritesh, they will come to her side. There came Ritesh. Kamna says you will never stop listening to me. Ritesh says I’m doing this for you. He sits on the sofa. Rahul says Ritesh will give his statement about his involvement in the drug case and doesn’t ask any more questions. Ritesh thanked the media for coming and said that many of you wrote the news and claimed that we were using drugs at the party. He says I want to clarify that no one in my party took drugs and says that this is happening to discredit my image, all the accusations against me are false.

Indu tells Vivek that they will be late and asks him to drive faster and not at the speed of a turtle. They say it’s a problem with the CNG car. Sunita calls Indu and asks if she can come home. She says that someone will come to see you and says that I am your mother and she wants you to get married. She asks him to come meet the boy. Indu says okay, I’ll go. She asks Vivek to drive faster.

Ritesh says that it is a difficult time for our family and that we also hurt each other. He asks them to respect his privacy and leave them alone for a while. He says that the drug department is investigating and the truth will come out. The reporter asks if you are afraid that if you talk to us, your truth will come out. Ritesh asks who said that. The reporter says I said. Riteish asks why I should be afraid. Another reporter says that the truth about him may come out. Ritesh asks if any negative news about me surfaced and asks why he didn’t think before posting the news. The reporter says that the drug department had confirmed the report. Another reporter says that he said that only bad people take drugs. The reporter says that if you have an idea of ​​what the younger generation will do after seeing you and ask how you will see them. Ritesh is angry but remains calm.

The politicians come there and they have misled the people. Rahul says it’s a misunderstanding. The politician asks her to come back and tells Riteish that he will darken her face and make the video viral on social media. Vivek calls and says that he will come. He tells Indu that he has to go to the Sangeet Math. He asks if you can just go to Ritesh’s house and give him a flash drive. Indu finds the car and begins to walk.

Politicians say that you are going to provoke people and I keep quiet, no. Ritesh asks who he is, how he got into my house and calls security. Sameer smiled. The politician says that you are a cheap actor and he asks me who I am. He says I’m going to ban your movies and you can’t leave the house, you’re going to shudder. Kamna says that Ritesh is innocent, he didn’t do anything. Politicians ask for evidence. Indu is walking down the road. The politician asks him to move and asks the woman to tie him up. Ritesh punches the politician and tells him not to touch the women in his house and says that he will cut her off. A politician’s thug holds a knife to a journalist’s neck. Ritesh asks him to leave the girl. Rahul tries to control Ritesh’s anger. Kamna calls Ritesh. Indu is still running. Politicians get up and say you raised your hand to me, now let’s see what I do with you. Kamna and Dolly are captured by the politician’s thugs. Pankaj asks what the hell is this? The politician says that people in the industry consider themselves smart and everyone else dumb. He dips his hand in black ink. Kamna and Dolly ask what are you doing? Politicians tell him to shut up. Ritesh asks the thug to leave the reporter and says that I will strip you naked and run away from here. The politician is about to go dark, then Indu arrives and yells for them to stop… and says I can prove Ritesh is innocent. She asks the bully to leave the reporter. She shows the flash drive and asks Ritesh if I can talk to you alone. The politician says that he left his respects for 5 minutes, not a minute more. Ritesh entered. Indu follows him. The wish goes. Sameer worries.

Precap: Ritesh, a politician and a journalist watch the video where Indu asks the waiter Rajesh if he tells her the truth, then she will ask the police not to be strict with her. The waiter says I’ll tell him. Sunita gets angry and asks Indu to choose between him and Zun.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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