Bigg Boss 16 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Bigg Boss 16 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Bigg Boss 16 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Bigg Boss 16 Jan 29, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

day 118
12:00 am
Archana tells Priyanka, she often used to tell her that you did that show with that rapper. Priyanka says that she has to put words her way. Archana says that she didn’t know. Priyanka says Tina just left, I don’t want to talk to her. Archana says but they are wrong. Shiva says that there is no need to shout the truth. Archana says you have a soul. Shiva says we haven’t sold it like you. Archana says to miss Shiv. Priyanka tells Shiv to get out of here. Archana tells her to miss. Shiva says don’t tell us those words. Archana says that these people are very disgusting. This Stan is here for Sajid. Shiv tells Priyanka why were you saying? Priyanka says don’t put your words in my mouth. Shiva says that he is abusing. Priyanka says that he abused. you’re a liar. Everybody knows. Stan says to ask your brother how he feels when a girl plays the woman card.

Priyanka says idiots, Shiv says who called idiots? Priyanka says don’t give me this shade. Don’t accuse me, I’m not afraid of you. I was walking from there. Shiva says I didn’t accuse you. Archana says that everything is on camera. Archana says that a useless person like Stan is here because of her circle. Priyanka says we’ll bring up your reality. Stan says you’re showing from the start. Stan says that if we talk, we’ll be in front of you. we are not going to arrive right? you are not an angel

Bibi asks Shiva and Stan to go to the confession room. Sumbul says that she is crying, we act but she may feel pain. BB asks Shiv and Priyanka if they can understand us. Priyanka says yes, you can trust. Bibi says that we have mentioned many times that religion, caste and origin should not be discussed in this house. If someone brings it up between the two of you, he should try not to encourage it. You know things get lost in translation on those topics. Priyanka says we’ll be careful. BB says I’m going to give an example. Priyanka, you came over, you said I don’t look good and you were wiping your face. She asks Shiva what Sumbul told Stena. That she is crying to get sympathy. Shiva says that she is lost in translation. Priyanka laughed. BB says if you had been there, would you have reacted? yes you will. But this shows you wrong. This is what happens when you bring up sensitive topics. Priyanka says we’ll be careful. BB says we hope they both don’t get burned in that fire. They go

1:15 a.m.
Sumbul says that now her tears have come out. Shaleen says that today I feel happy and relieved. Archana says that I will go out and answer everyone. Shalin and Stan dance. Shaleen says I have a sign that she’s leaving. When she left for the last time, she was wearing the same dress.

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