Ganga tells Kabir about meeting the old man and what he said.

Ganga: Those ghosts are really here. That was not my hallucination.

Kabir: Oh Ganga, please don’t start it again. You are educated. Don’t trust such strangers.

Ganga gets frustrated and gets angry at him: Why do you have no trust in me? Before marrying me, you told me that you love and trust me. So what happened now? I am fed up. I’ve gone

she went away.

Kabir became sad.

Kabir: Because of me, Ganga is really hurt. I have to make her happy.

Kabir went to the Ganges and pulled his ears: Excuse me. Please forgive me.

Slowly she smiled.

Kabir: Thank you for forgiving me Ganga. Let us do a beautiful dance in this joy.

She laughed.

He did a romantic dance.

Ganga felt dizzy and almost fainted. Kabir caught her with a jolt in time.

Kabir: Ganga!

Kabir took her to the nearby clinic.

Dr. Maya examined Ganga.

Kabir: Doctor, tell me. What happened to Ganga?

Maya: Nothing. Your wife didn’t eat anything. So.

Kabir looked at the Ganges in surprise.

Kabir: Why didn’t you eat anything from Ganga?

Ganga: You forgot that today is Karva Chauth?

Kabir: Oh… I don’t believe in all this. Eat and break your fast.

Ganga: But I believe in it. So I will break the fast only when the time comes.

Kabir: You are very stubborn.

Ganga: Yes, I am.

Ganga turned back. He sees Vansh and Riddhima’s photo frame with garland on the wall. She is shocked and runs away in fear. Kabir and Maya are stunned.

Maya: What happened to your wife?

Kabir: I don’t know.

Kabir went out and started looking for Ganga.

At last he found her near the gate.

Kabir: Why did you run away like this?

Ganga: Let’s go back soon.

Kabir: Yes. But tell me what happened.

Ganga: Did you see the photo frame of a couple on the wall?

Kabir: Yes. But why did you run away? What does that picture have to do with it?

Ganga: Those were the ghosts I saw in my bungalow.

Kabir is shocked: What?

Kabir wondered: What is this? How is Ganga confusing those who are really dead?

Kabir: Have you seen him before?

Ganga: Not at all.

Kabir thought: Maybe Ganga has seen him somewhere before without her knowledge.

Ganga and Kabir get ready for Karva Chauth.

Kabir: You Ganga looks very beautiful…more than this moon.

Ganga smiled.

Ganga: You are looking very beautiful too.

He smiled. He broke his fast by feeding him.

Vansh and Riddhima envisioned celebrating Karva Chauth.

Seeing Kabir-Ganga, Vansh and Riddhima remembered their Karva Chauth.

Flash back…

The moon appeared in the sky.

Riddhima: Vansh, the moon has arrived.

He smiled.

Riddhima sees that he is weak.

Riddhima: Vansh, you look tired. Why?

Vansh: Nothing like that.

Riddhima: Is it also that you have also fasted on Karva Chauth?

The dynasty was silent.

Riddhima: Say the lineage.

Lineage: Yes.

Riddhima was shocked.

Riddhima: But why did you fast?

Vansh: Tell me why did you fast for me?

Riddhima: Because I want you to live long. I want you to be with me always.

Vansh: Similarly I want you to live long. If you are long, then my longevity is worth. If you are then only I have to live. Otherwise I will die.

Riddhima became emotional and placed a finger on her lips.

Riddhima: Don’t talk about death.

He shared an emotional eye lock.

After worshiping Riddhima looked at him with a sieve.

Vansh took a plate to break the fast.

He fed him water and morsels.

Riddhima fed him back.

They hugged each other.

Then he took some pictures.


Vansh and Riddhima get emotional.

Riddhima started crying.

Riddhima: We both kept a fast for each other’s long life. But Kabir did not give us long life. He broke our karva chauth prayer and is happily celebrating karva chauth with his wife.

Vansh got upset and hugged him from behind to console him.

He hugged her back.

Riddhima: Because of them we are not able to celebrate Karva Chauth. He cannot enjoy his life with his wife after destroying our love story. I can’t let this happen.

Riddhima’s soul entered Ganga’s body and Ganga was shocked.

Kabir: What happened Ganga?

Ganga looked at him angrily. Suddenly her face turned scary. Ganga’s face looked like a pure ghost.

Kabir could not believe his eyes. He was very scared.

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