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"Immediately! now!": Terrorized mob in the basement of Ukraine

Behind him stood the charred skeleton of a Ukrainian military truck that had been killed while carrying weapons in a Flashpoint district in northern Kiev.

'Immediately!  Now!': Terrorized mob in Ukraine's basement

Ukraine War: Kiev’s subway has been turned into a massive bomb shelter.


It was hard to tell what scared the elderly women more: the piercing deceit of the air raid sirens or the terrifying urgency of the Ukrainian soldier who ordered everyone to run for cover.

“Everyone! Immediately! Now!” The soldier shouted as he dashed into his heavy boots across a road strewn with grenades and the detonated remains of shells.

Behind him stood the charred skeleton of a Ukrainian military truck that had been killed while carrying weapons in a Flashpoint district in northern Kiev.

Before them were elderly women with handbags and middle-aged men inhaling cigarette smoke, talking about the war.

And above them – at an unlucky distance – was the sound of mortars or Grad missiles being fired into a barrage over the Ukrainian capital.

Passersby all ran around the corner of a building and were going down a dark flight of stairs to a concrete basement.

There was already a sheltered group of exhausted men waiting for them who came very close to getting out of Kiev on the third day of Russia’s invasion of their country.

“We were trying to evacuate, but they opened fire halfway down the road,” IT engineer Helga Tarasova said.

She went by bus to the Kiev railway station with her younger son and several friends.

Their next stop was considered to be the western Ukrainian city of Lviv and then – possibly – Poland.

“We only had 800 meters (half a mile) to get to the station,” the 36-year-old recalled as his son pounced on his knee.

“But the National Guard didn’t let us in. We were running away with our bags and I think the bags scared them.”

shoot on sight

The capital of Ukraine is under siege.

It entered a weekend curfew on Saturday evening that is being enforced with shoot-at-sight orders.

Residents have begun taping on exposed window panes and covering up street names, building numbers and other recognizable city signs to try to confuse the invading Russian military.

Dozens of cars queued up around some working petrol stations.

Grocery stores are either closed or full of people staring at the grisly bare shelves that are often out of bread and simple meat and cheese.

A soldier was digging a trench along a highway that is expected to be used to push Russian tanks towards Kiev’s Maidan Square and Government District.

“We were hoping that our generation would be the one who lived without war,” mourned pensioner Tetyana Filonemko in the basement.

“All people can do in a war is live as one, support each other. That’s all we can do.”

‘Open a corridor’

Filonemko’s basement is divided into three rooms connected by a narrow corridor and lit by incandescent bulbs hanging from black wires.

A man fell asleep on a yoga mat arranged on top of some wooden planks. A bucket was standing beside him on a wooden stool.

Other men move and some women whisper. The kids seemed the least anxious in their playing corner.

“I can only think of children,” said Nadezhda Tkachuk.

The 58-year-old had just climbed the stairs and stuck her head out the door to breathe some fresh air – and to try to hear how close the fight had drawn.

“Let them open a corridor so they don’t shoot at people, so we can send little kids out,” she said.

But Yulia Snitka has more immediate concerns.

In the eighth month of pregnancy, a 32-year-old woman’s stomach has come out of her clothes and she is troubled to be worried.

“I’m trying to be as calm as possible so as not to give birth prematurely,” she said.

“At night, lasting more than an hour, there were major explosions. I hope this all ends in a few days.”

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