Bhagya Laxmi 24th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Laxmi reaches the Oberoi mansion

Bhagya Laxmi 24th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Laxmi reaches the Oberoi mansion

Bhagya Laxmi 24th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Laxmi reaches the Oberoi mansion

Bhagya Lakshmi 24 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishi sitting in the car wonders how his mother is excited to fix his marriage with Malishka when she doesn’t even want to hear Lakshmi’s name.

Laxmi requests the auto driver to drive faster as she cannot wait anymore, the auto stops suddenly when she asks if it is broken but the driver replies that the auto is fine but he feels That the gas is out, she requests him to try but he mentions that he will arrange another auto, Lakshmi is anxiously trying to stop the auto but is not successful.

Rishi is constantly thinking of Lakshmi when she says that she cannot separate herself from him and reveals his love for her, she agrees to befriend him, Rishi wonders what this girl wants because He himself had accepted to be friends with her but is now showing that she doesn’t want to talk to him, even he can’t talk to a girl like her.

Laxmi is constantly trying to stop the auto but no one is stopping, Rishi calls her name and immediately hides, he tells the driver to drop Laxmi wherever he wants to go, Govind gets excited When Rishi says she shouldn’t be so happy, Rishi leaves, prompting her to take an O turn, with Lakshmi still trying her best to stop the auto. Lakshmi doesn’t understand what she will do, she is shocked to see Rishi’s car when Govind assures the car to stop where she wants it to go, she sits in it and asks him to take it home when she tells him. He gets upset when she asks him to drive fast, Rishi is shocked, so calls Govind, advises him not to take his name and tells him that Lakshmi asked him to take her. was because she was really upset, Govind explains that he asked her to take her home, Rishi got angry and scolds her and asks why is he going on the wrong path as his house is in the opposite direction, he wants to take her home. , Lakshmi learns that he is a sage so confirms it to Govind, Rishi recalls how Malishka said that Lakshmi blocked their contact, he immediately asks Govind to make an excuse for but Govind refuses, he asks if she wants to talk to him, Lakshmi first says that she wants to talk but then what Neha says about her Said she refuses him while remembering him, she requests him to drive faster, sage asks Govinda to listen to him carefully, he should take her safely home without any problem.

Rishi begins to receive calls, he is shocked to learn that it is an important meeting, he assures that he is on his way to the meeting and will never harm the company, Rishi sees the taxi so in it. Runs to sit, instructs the driver to take him to Bandra. Rishi remembers Laxmi was crying while searching the auto, then wonders why she was crying, he asks the driver to take her back home which upsets the taxi driver when Rishi apologizes. That he should take her to Juhu, but the driver apologizes as his car is registered at the airport. Rishi gets out of the taxi.

Balwinder asks Guddu if he is ready when he doesn’t understand, to which Balwinder explains that he should be ready for the plan as he has to go and collect money, Guddu replies what will he do after that as Shalu has seen their face, Balwinder explains that he has made a plan as the only reason Laxmi says nothing is because of his love for Shalu, Balwinder explains that Shalu will also not say anything when he has told Laxmi because of their love. Will be kidnapped and will come back only when she starts loving him.

Virendra in car is on phone thinking why Rishi didn’t reach office when he came to know the importance of meeting, he assures that Rishi will definitely come to office, Virendra decides to call Rishi, he is shocked to see phone Laxmi, He wonders how the i9t was answered as it is not a missed call, Virendra dials his number, the auto driver is talking on the call when he hears the phone ring, the call ends before he can answer and it is not able to unlock. Phone, he waits for her to call once again, Virendra whoever decides not to call her as he must be busy and will call her on seeing the missed call.

Laxmi reaches home, she rings the doorbell and bangs the door, the family is shocked to hear who is so desperate that they are not even stopping, Malishka goes to open the door, she is shocked to see Laxmi standing bau asks about ji, they question what is she doing here, lakshmi replies she needs bau ji’s help, karishma explains why she was calling him, laxmi calling bau ji goes to the house while Malishka and everyone else ask her to stay No, Neelam comes to the balcony and asks what is going on, she remembers when she went to ask Laxmi to come back but she refuses but Laxmi requests her for help now, Karishma tells that She will not get any help from them, when Neelam asks her to speak to Lakshmi she says that she wants his help as someone has kidnapped Shalu. done and now they are asking for money, he has to give them money by 9:30, otherwise they are going to harm him, if it was a small amount he would have arranged the money but he could help them requests to do. Return every cent, Neelam asks amount, Lakshmi reveals it is five million, Neelam hears ti ask the hour to go through the same door with which she entered the house.

Rishi is running on the road wondering why Laxmi was crying, he vows to know the reason when he is hit by a car and falls on the ground, Rano also gets stuck in the same traffic when she Auto asks driver what happened an accident, she asks driver to take O turn, Rishi starts running once again.

Balwinder asks his men to prepare the car as it is about time that Bablu questions whether Laxmi will definitely give the money when Balwinder assures that they will give him ten million, though he lives with Laxmi in a hilly area. Shanti is about to go where they will go together, Laxmi will start loving her when she comes to know that he has kidnapped Shalu for his love and money, Shalu thinks he has to protect Laxmi before she reaches the ground , she sees that the bottle deliberately falls on the ground, when they all come. On asking what she is trying to do, Balwinder also asks her to call Jiju, but she does not offend him so leave him. is forced to.

Neelam questions why she is looking at him like this because the door is in the opposite direction, Lakshmi tells that he will kill Shalu if she doesn’t give him money, he sends her dupatta covered in blood when Laxmi tells that She has no one else who can help her, she is begging to help her, Lakshmi is crying when Neelam goes to the other side and starts throwing money at her face, seeing this disgrace Everyone is shocked when Neelam says she gave it to the beggar, Neelam replies that she was begging so she gave money, Laxmi tells that she can tell him anything but she needs five million, Neelam asks who will give her the money as she will not be the one, Neelam replies that she remembers everything that Lakshmi said that when she came to her house saying that it could not be sold, she should have taken the money because she was hiring him for a job that had no work but just to be with her son and save his life but she said d that he specialized in marquesdosh She didn’t believe it and now she is saying that she doesn’t believe in kidnapping. Neelam asks what would have happened if she had accepted the amount so she would not have to beg at his feet, Lakshmi is crying as she is feeling disappointed.

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