Bhagya Laxmi 22 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka is planning to ruin Lakshmi’s image

Bhagya Laxmi 22 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka is planning to ruin Lakshmi’s image

Bhagya Laxmi 22 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka is planning to ruin Lakshmi’s image

Bhagya Lakshmi 22 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishi is really angry when there is a knock on the door, Aayush is about to immediately hug Rishi but he does not allow him, Aayush explains that he was thrown out of his own room and hence Rishi says that he will go nowhere when Aayush questions why won’t he go there as he loves winter, Aayush sees Virendra standing and asks him to explain that the project is really small so he can handle it but Rishi replies that even though it is small, the project is really expensive, Aayush asks his uncle who says that this time he is with Rishi, they both leave.

Malishka and Sonia both stand when she questions what she thinks, Sonia asks what she is saying when Malishka mentions that she is talking about Lakshmi and who else, Sonia replies. That she can’t think of anything how is she doing, Sonia reveals that she is saying they need to show her the real place, Malishka replies this time that Laxmi is not the same and even she But she also plans to reveal something that she will ask Karishma aunty to invite all her friends to the kitty party. She is going to treat all of them like a servant, Lakshmi listening to their conversation thinks that she will not fall so low like Malishka and will not do anything wrong. Malishka vows to make Lakshmi what she can.

Virendra is with Rishi saying that he should go to Mahabaleshwar, Rishi replies that he knows it is a big project but Virendra replies that the project is small, Rishi questions why he wants her to go when Virendra Responds that there are two reasons one is that his mother wants him to go and the other is that he has heard that the sage himself also wants to go. Virendra explains that he knows that Rishi really loved Malishka but still, he fought with her for Lakshmi, he also went for Shalu against his mother but Neelam didn’t like all this, she wished. That he started liking Lakshmi which he did but when she went against him, she got really angry. Rishi requests her to say clearly, Virendra replies that he thought when he would say that Rishi loved Malishka and thought Rishi would stop her but he didn’t.

Dadi is sitting on the bed when there is someone at the door, Lakshmi enters and comes to sit beside her and asks her to take medicine when Dadi replies that she can take them when she feels, Dadi scolds. But the worker also enters her room, Lakshmi mentions that she will not leave until she is with them, Lakshmi threatens to go and tell Neelam that Dadi has been throwing medicine out of the house for the past four days. Dadi once again refuses when Lakshmi calls Neelam so Dadi eats them, Lakshmi explains that she found out why she thinks rishis are cute sometimes and it’s because she loves them. As it happens, she advises the worker not to go out until Grandma has taken her medicine.

Rishi explains that he didn’t stop her because he was talking and he still loves Malishka, Virendra replies that he doesn’t mean anything but is always going to stand by her as he is her bau ji, he Corrects himself by saying how his thoughts have changed, he used to think that one could be happy if his wife is a traditionalist and follows the ritual, but he wonders if there is any girl in this world. However, Virendra leaves when Rishi thinks that he wants to love Lakshmi for now and moves away from her.

Lakshmi enters the room, she talks to Sumo saying that she doesn’t understand why Rishi is treating her like this, but she won’t get irritated so easily, she wants to see Pandit ji’s call. that everything is fine, pandit ji answers why he must have called her, he tells that Rishi’s bad time is going to start from tomorrow and all the winds are going to blow but he should be with her every moment, he says That he is very helpless and can’t even tell this to Neelam who understands the seriousness of the issue but she has accused him of being greedy, Lakshmi tells him not to feel bad because Neelam can only trust that person. She does what she likes and she is listening to Malishka today, pandit ji tells Neelam don’t know how lucky she is to have a daughter-in-law like Lakshmi, she asks if she can do any pooja when pandit ji says Convinced that he can do all this, Lakshmi is about to end the call when Panditji explains to her that there is a problem since I am trying to save Rishi as well. There will be hurt after he leaves, so he must be prepared to protect not only the sage, but himself as well.

Karishma tells Neelam that she has always judged the problem before coming and she is doing the same as she told Virendra to talk to Rishi. Neelam mentions that she only thought that Lakshmi has importance in her life as long as she was his protector but now things have changed and she is no good for all of them, Karishma questions that more than that. In what could be problematic, Neelam says that the problem is how she is trying to control him and she doesn’t like it at all. Virendra enters the room when Neelam asks if he spoke to Rishi and whether he agreed to leave, Virendra replies that he was already planning to leave and tries to convince Aayush. Was that it is a big deal when it is not, Karishma mentions that she is going to drop Lakshmi tomorrow.
Lakshmi is anxiously waiting for Rishi, he enters the room when she bumps into him apologizing, he says he wants to sleep she suggests him to sleep only on the bed. Rishi asks if he can request something, but he refuses saying it doesn’t sound like a request, he replies that he would have ordered it otherwise but he says he forgot, he Accepting that it is ok, he gets frustrated saying what annoys him, Lakshmi apologizes saying it is ok. Rishi mentions that he sometimes thinks she has come just for money while other times he thinks she has come just for him, will she tell him the real reason, Roshni goes off and when he stops her. So she tries to leave but he says everyone will be worried, he asks her to answer first when she says he won’t believe her, she tells that she has come here just for him. , He says that he knew all this but Lakshmi reveals that she didn’t want divorce or court and came here for her, Rishi explains that he is also feeling something but it is wrong between them so they Both can’t stay in the same room but Lakshmi replies that it can’t happen at all, he asks the reason but she doesn’t have any of the answers, he mentions that he knows she wants to be with him But he does not want to live and is about to leave for the destination tomorrow morning.

Malishka and Sonia stand when Karishma enters explaining that Rishi himself wants to get away from Lakshmi, but it was wrong to blame him as he himself wants to leave Lakshmi, they all get really excited when Karishma is now great. Upon hearing that she thinks Malishka should go with her, she gets really excited saying that bad times are about to end as she will be alone with him at the resort.

Lakshmi actually requests Rishi not to go, he replies that it is a business meeting and he has to go because when the divorce is finalized he will have to give her a lot of money but he replies that she means That he should not leave now and may postpone it to the next week, Rishi replies that if he had known that he would act this way after hearing the news, he would have left some time ago. Lakshmi is really worried what she can do because pandit ji had warned her that bad times are going to start from tomorrow, she came here just to protect the sage but he is leaving her, she really Worried for Rishi.

Precap: Malishka says to Laxmi, marriage for me means two people loving each other and living together. You must know very well who will be with the sage because I am going to Mahabaleshwar with the sage. Lakshmi says I am his wife, so I will go with him. Malishka says we will find out tomorrow. Later, Lakshmi tells the sage that she too will accompany him to Mahabaleshwar. He is shocked and tells her not to think like this even in a dream. On the other hand, Malishka is packing and plans to directly tell Rishi tomorrow. The next morning, Rishi and Lakshmi come downstairs. Rishi has 2 suitcases. Lakshmi says Rishi and I are going to Mahabaleshwar. Malishka, Neelam, Karishma are shocked.

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