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Bhagya Lakshmi 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwinder executes Malishka’s plan to kill Lakshmi

Bhagya Laxmi Aug 8, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode begins with Sonia asking Malishka why she is slapping him. Malishka apologizes and says that she was angry with Lakshmi. Sonia says you stay mad at him for 24 hours. Malishka tells her that Rishi has bought a necklace for Lakshmi. Sonya is surprised. Malishka takes the phone from him and says that I won’t take it like Rishi took Lakshmi from me. He calls Balwinder from Sonia’s phone. Balwinder disguises himself as Pandit and picks up the phone, asking whose number this is. Malishka says that if she had called him from her phone, Durga Devi would have caught her. Balwinder says sorry. She asks when is he coming? Balwinder says that he is on his way, but he is afraid to get there. Malishka says that you come here as a pundit and no one will recognize you. She says the job will be done today. Balwinder says he’s coming and ends the call. Malishka thinks that if Balwinder does his job, he will get rid of Lakshmi forever, she will leave, it will be over.

Balwinder sees Durga Devi drive away and wonders if she is going to the Oberoi mansion. He believes that he is dead if he is caught. Dadi tells the image of Dada ji that Lakshmi has done all the decorations and says that she is the real Lakshmi. Virendra arrives there and says that today will be a memorable day, he wishes that Bauji was alive. Ahana arrives there and praises Lakshmi. Karishma tells Malishka that Lakshmi catches everyone doing those things and says that you should have done something. Malishka says that she has planned something and that it will impress Dadi, Virendra and Neelam. Lakshmi and Rishi are going down. Dadi praises his partner. Virendra asks if he is talking about Neelam and her partner. Dadi says that the pairing of Rishi and Lakshmi is better than her. Virendra says that he always wanted this. Neelam asks what mom ji is saying. Dadi asks Virendra to tell him. Virendra says that the mother said that the father is the father and the son is the son. Grandma says she does.

Lakshmi’s saree gets stuck in the decoration. The wise man releases him and they go down. Laxmi asks Dadi if she checked and asks if there is anything left. Dadi says yes and thanks. They all smile. Dadi says thank you, thank you on behalf of me and my family and also on behalf of grandfather. The servant arrives there and says that Pandit ji has come. Kiran thinks that Balwinder has come, but he sees the real Pandit and thinks that I didn’t think he called Pandit. He wonders how Balwinder will come now. Dadi asks Pandit ji to come over and tells Kiran that he must have asked her to come in. Malishka tells Kiran that Balwinder is coming. Pandit ji appreciates the decoration of the temple. Dadi says that Lakshmi has done this. Rishi says that your aunt had come. Rano arrives there with Neha and Bani. Aayush thinks where is Shalu? Rano congratulates Dadi. Dadi says that he has called them. Rano congratulates Virendra and Neelam. She asks Karishma that you have also come. Karishma says that this is our house, I will ask you this question. Ayush asks Bani where Shalu is. Shalu comes there. Aayush asks why she was late and if she wants a VIP ticket. Shalu says that I’m already a VIP and I don’t have time for ordinary people. She asks him to walk and goes to greet Dadi, Virendra and others. She hugs Lakshmi. Dadi says that she is the reflection of Lakshmi. Neha touches Grandma’s feet. Dadi says that God will show you the right path. Rano feels that God will show him the right path, Aayush.

Balwinder thinks Malishka asked him to do a very dangerous job and thinks who will benefit. He thinks Malishka, Lakshmi or I will win. He is confused. Balwinder arrives there and says that he is Pandit Ganesh Upadhyay. Karishma asked what happened. Kiran says that pandit ji has come. Karishma says that our pundit ji has come and another pundit says. Kiran says that she heard that he makes a good bid and that’s why he called her. Karishma says that you should have informed us when our pundit arrived. Kiran says that he had lost his mind. She asks Balwinder to leave and says that Pandit’s departure is inauspicious. Karishma says let them worship with our pundit. Balwinder says that pundit will do puja since he came first and I will help him. Karishma tells pundit ji that he has helped another pundit. Pandit ji asks Balwinder to prepare the bati. Balwinder says it’s fine. He keeps the bag that he has brought with him. Dadi asked pundit ji to start the puja. Malishka tells Dadi that she wants to surprise her before she Pooja. she goes to find Karishma tells Neelam that Malishka will win Dadi’s heart today. Rishi asks Lakshmi to bring the surprise she has planned for Dadi. Lakshmi is going to bring him. Malishka brings a cake to surprise Dadi. Neelam praises her. Dadi blesses Malishka. Balwinder gets up and goes to the temple, places open wire electric cables surrounded by flower garlands in the temple and pours some Gangajal over it. He thinks all the arrangements are done, when Laxmi plays the Kalash, I’ll turn on the button.

Malishka asks Dadi to cut the cake on behalf of the grandfather. She says don’t worry about the sugar, I’ll feed you with my own hands. She slips on the rug on the floor and falls on the cake. Her face is covered in cake. Balwinder laughs and his mustache grows. She hits him again. Neha and Shalu smile. Malishka wakes up. Kiran wipes her face and says it happened by mistake, it’s not your fault. She asks Dadi if Malishka’s feelings have caught up with her. She then says that Dadi cares about her feelings. Sonia says absolutely. Aayush arrives there with Laxmi as soon as he brings the cake. He questions what happened to everyone and asks who he is. She pushes him away. Ahana says that she is Malishka. Ayush says our Malishka. Ahana says that she had brought the cake, she slipped and fell on the cake. Ayush laughed. Rishi says ok Malishka, we will cut this cake (brought by Lakshmi). She says that Lakshmi had planned it on the same night. Dadi asks Karishma if she got the answer. Karishma says that she is fine, we all have your feelings. She asks him to go and wash his face. Malishka wipes her face and throws cake cream at her, it falls on Shalu. Ayush wipes her face.

Balwinder thinks he’s looking at a pigeon with pie on its face. Dadi thanks Malishka for her sentiments and sincerely thanks Lakshmi, as she thought about this cake while she arranged the decorations. She asks Lakshmi to cut the cake with Rishi. Lakshmi says that I am..? Ahana and Aayush ask her to cut the cake. Kiran believes that God knows what his fate is. Malishka feels that everyone has come to her, but then something happens. She accuses Lakshmi of playing petty games with her. She says that I will win and you will lose.

Balwinder says it will work now. Pandit ji asks what? Balwinder says that the worship rituals will begin. Dadi asks pundit ji to come while she is cutting the cake. Pandit ji asks Balwinder to come. Balwinder thinks he has to come, otherwise they’ll get suspicious. Dadi asks Balwinder to come and stand there. Laxmi looks at Balwinder. Dadi asks Lakshmi and Rishi to come over, and they hold the knife with Dadi. The sage looks at Lakshmi. Malishka returns. Dadi asks if Malishka is coming back. Ayush says yes. He asks Dadi to cut Nana ji’s cake. Durga Devi comes there. Virendra says that you have come at the right time. Durga Devi thanked him for inviting him. Virendra asks him to enter. Grandma welcomed them. Balwinder and Malishka are upset.

Precaps will be added as they become available.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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