Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi requests Rishi to return home


Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Rishi tells Lakshmi that she is crossing limits however she asks him to remember the fact that she may be feeling the similar as he feels on every occasion she will get into hassle however Rishi tells her to chill out. Says. While using the truck, Malishka thinks that each Rishi and Lakshmi are going to die nowadays. Rishi informs Lakshmi that he’s going to power in moderation and understanding that she continues to be in surprise, he says that she wishes to pass as a result of in a different way they are going to pass over their flight.

Virendra enters the room teaching the individual to ship the main points of the conferences or even Ayush will do the conferences which Rishi used to do as he has long gone for vacations. Neelam enters the room when Virendra tells her that Rishi has long gone for his honeymoon, Neelam says if he requested about his whereabouts then why is he telling her, Virendra replies that he forgot that. He had thrown her out of the home, Neelam replies that he has long gone of his personal unfastened will, Virendra replies that he has pressured her when Neelam says that she is aware of rather well who has pressured the opposite. , Virendra tells that either one of them will at all times disagree in this so he’s leaving for his assembly, Neelam stops him announcing that he will have to no longer discuss this when Rishi is in entrance of her as she desires to disregard him, Virendra questions whether or not she will probably be in a position to do this as a result of he’s her son and whether or not she will probably be in a position to do this, Neelam says that she’s going to for sure get used to dwelling with out him, Virendra says that also she will be unable to assist her or him son. Neelam replies that she would by no means put him on this place as he had proven his price when he went to attend Rishi’s marriage ceremony, Veerendra tells that she is aware of That she is what’s significant in his existence as they have got been married for a few years, he leaves via telling Neelam that Rishi by no means stops him from speaking about Neelam however advises her to at all times take into consideration him. How to take care.

Sonal is ready within the room when Kiran comes calling Malishka, she asks Sonal who’s not able to inform the rest when Kiran asks her to inform her now, she worries if Malishka has long gone to kill her When Sonal replies that this time Malishka has long gone to take the lives of each Rishi and Lakshmi, Kiran will get apprehensive questioning who will forgive her as she’s going to endure by the hands of each Neelam and the legislation, Kiran will get apprehensive that Sonal Why did not Rishi prevent her then Sonal replies she attempted so much to prevent him however she was once actually indignant, Kiran calls Malishka not easy that she come again home and no longer hurt Rishi, Malishka replies that she goes to kill Rishi and Lakshmi as they’re leaving for his or her honeymoon, Kiran asks Sonal to know the place Rishi goes, when Sonal says that they’re going to the airport, Kiran in an instant She leaves, so Sonal additionally follows her. Malishka wonders why Sonal informed the reality to her mom, she thinks she has to deal with her too in order that she will be able to be informed a lesson.

While using the auto Sonal asks Kiran what she plans to do when Kiran explains that there’s just one approach and she or he has to warn Rishi, Kiran tries to name Rishi.

Rishi is using the auto when Lakshmi asks him to prevent the auto, she in an instant will get out of the auto. When Rishi asks what came about she says it isn’t about her superstition however she for sure believes that. Sensing that one thing mistaken is ready to occur, Malishka wonders why Rishi and Lakshmi were given out of the auto and wonders if her mom has informed the reality.

Kiran tells Sonal that Rishi isn’t answering calls, when Sonal says that he’s more than likely ignoring her, Kiran will get apprehensive occupied with Neelam’s response if she reveals out that Malishka referred to as Rishi. Harmed, as she hates her personal son who eloped with Lakshmi, Sonal tells her no longer to concern as they are going to outwit Malishka.

Lakshmi says she isn’t mistaken and for sure one thing has came about, Rishi asks if one thing has came about at the moment then Lakshmi replies no longer at the moment however the issue may well be very shut to them, Rishi says he isn’t in a position to see the rest. isn’t in a position so Mangal takes the sutur in her hand, and after repairing it as soon as once more makes Lakshmi put on it, he says this is the reason she was once apprehensive so asks her to chill out. Lakshmi replies that it isn’t so, Rishi says that he is aware of she is frightened or even he’s somewhat frightened as a result of they’re beginning a brand new a part of their existence, he feels that They will have to experience their existence in combination with none downside. Rishi forces Lakshmi to take a seat within the automotive explaining that they are going to be overdue for his or her flight, Rishi sits within the automotive and explains that Lakshmi at all times says that they’re just right so not anything unhealthy will occur to them and Now that they’re a pair, they are going to are living endlessly. a cheerful existence. Malishka thinks that they are going to no longer are living and die in combination, that too as a married couple.

Shalu and Bani are more than happy announcing that each Lakshmi di and Rishi jiju are going to spend some high quality time in combination, Bani tells that they’re going for his or her honeymoon when Shalu says that she additionally is aware of this however they Can’t communicate like this.

Rishi and Lakshmi are within the automotive, when Sonal sees Rishi’s automotive whilst using she informs Kiran and so they sign him to prevent, Rishi wonders how Sonal got here right here and why she alerts them to prevent. Rishi and Lakshmi pass out simply as Kiran arrives. He will get a choice from Malishka who warns him no longer to take a look at to prevent Rishi as a result of if he does she’s going to for sure kill Rishi in the future. And then dedicate suicide, Kiran thinks Malishka is for sure hiding right here, Rishi asks Kiran what came about. Kiran says that she feels she will have to ask for forgiveness to either one of them as a result of she unknowingly introduced a large trade of their lives. Has created numerous issues, when Rishi says that he will have to no longer be apprehensive as he hasn’t ever executed the rest mistaken. Sonal wonders what Kiran aunty is announcing in order that they depart.

Malishka calls Kiran asking if she informed the reality to Rishi however Kiran replies that she did not say the rest however Malishka will have to additionally come again, on the other hand she says that the whole lot has modified for her and she’s going to for sure. She will do what she desires. Kiran tells Sonal that Malishka was once gazing them, Sonal realizes why she did not inform the reality.

Rishi says that he’s satisfied that Kiran aunty understood him, however Lakshmi replies that she thinks Kiran aunty was once attempting to say one thing else, Rishi on the other hand says that he is aware of that Kiran aunty has been attempting to give protection to him from his son since formative years. Rishi turns against every other street however Lakshmi asks him to prevent the auto and says they will have to no longer pass anyplace as she isn’t smartly however Rishi says dad and grandma. Both will probably be wired as a result of they have got deliberate all of it.

The motorbike rider comes and throws a letter within the automotive, after studying which Rishi will get indignant however Lakshmi tries to calm him down and says that he will have to no longer get indignant on the other hand Rishi says that if it was once about him So he does not say the rest however how can he endure it once they say one thing about him, Rishi begins chasing the biker with all his skills. The motorbike rider all of sudden is available in entrance of the auto and begins rotating the motorbike. Both Rishi and Lakshmi are surprised to see the street blocked whilst Malishka is status at the back of them within the truck, Rishi is surprised to see that the street is closed or even Lakshmi will get actually apprehensive, Rishi is stunned. How did they get right here and why is the rock there? Lakshmi says it’s all deliberate, Rishi wonders who may just do that, Malishka begins using against the auto and hits the rear of the auto, she begins pushing the auto against the cliff. Rishi tells Lakshmi to soar from the auto, they each get apprehensive when Lakshmi tries to glance against the driving force of the truck, Rishi forces Lakshmi to soar from the auto whilst he falls off the cliff into the river. Falling down, Malishka smiles considering that now each Rishi and Lakshmi have in any case been thrown within the automotive into the river, she needs them each a cheerful honeymoon.

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