Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Lakshmi leave for their honeymoon


Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Sonal asks Malishka what distinction does it make if she were given married like ahead of, Malishka replies that it is extremely other since the scenario and instances are other, and the whole lot came about along with her consent and approval however now she is shedding hope. So now the time has come to get rid of her additionally, Malishka says that if she does no longer get pleasure through marrying him then she is going to certainly get it after killing him, Sonal says that she isn’t ready to acknowledge Malishka who Has totally modified in one day, Malishka replies that she didn’t get alternate however Rishi has modified, she requests Sonal to relax and no longer be anxious and says that her blood has calmed down and She goes to change into a ruthless killer, she additionally advises Sonal to relax and leaves.

Lakshmi is retaining the bowl of goodies pondering this is a ritual that the bride serves goodies to her in-laws however she can not do it, she asks Rishi to come back for breakfast. Ayush says he’ll even have breakfast, he is taking blessings of each Rishi and Lakshmi when Rishi questions what he’s doing, he replies that he has carried out it out of emotion. Lakshmi tells that she has additionally ready goodies for the primary day, Ayush right away eats the goodies and enjoys them completely, Lakshmi means that he will have to pack some goodies for house too, Rishi asks Ayush to give an explanation for this to her. Said that best grandmother and Virendra uncle will devour it. While everybody else scolds him, Ayush says that he’s going to devour everybody by myself, Ayush asks in the event that they wish to see some magic and he is taking out an envelope, Rishi asks what is in it, Ayush asks if The newly married couple says this is a reward from Virendra uncle and grandmother. Lakshmi asks what’s the want, Ayush says that they will have to no longer be anxious as this can be a new starting, he tells that he has additionally come to take Lakshmi Bhabhi when Rishi asks the place he’s taking her, Ayush replies that he’s going to select her up. Going to aunt’s space for submit marriage rite and it’s her uncle and grandmother’s order. Ayush says that he’s best going to devour goodies, and even asks Rishi to come back on time within the night time after finishing the buying groceries and select up Lakshmi Bhabhi in order that they are able to leave for their honeymoon, Lakshmi right away replies that she does not want anything else as she has new garments and some also are in aunty’s space, Ayush asks if Lakshmi Bhabhi is announcing all this as a result of monetary scenario, she advises him to not concern. Gives as a result of this is a wedding ceremony reward and they are able to ask anything else from uncle or grandmother.

Shalu and Bani are within the kitchen when Bani says that until the day prior to this they each have been anxious about the best way to do Rishi and Lakshmi di’s marriage however now they’re making ready for the ritual, aunty comes and asks why they’re making such a lot of dishes. Because best Lakshmi goes come these days, Shalu says Ayush discussed Lakshmi di and Rishi jiju will leave for honeymoon after the rituals. Aunty excitedly asks the place they’re going, both America or Switzerland. When Bani says that she does not know anything else as a result of Ayush simply stated that they’re going these days, Aunty explains that either one of them will have to be sure that That there’s not anything left and the sage will have to really feel that he has carried out his process. Best of all, as a result of she is certain that Rishi will return to the Oberoi mansion someday and take into accout the aunt who welcomed him with open palms, she leaves announcing that she will have to make badam ka halwa for him too, Bani says that Aunty may be very egocentric, she asks what Shalu thinks that Neelam aunty will settle for Rishi jiju and Lakshmi Di, Shalu replies that she needs the similar as a result of they truly leave out the circle of relatives, which came about then too When he misplaced his folks. Shalu says they will have to no longer communicate like this whilst cooking, Bani tells that now aunty has additionally steered them to prepare dinner no matter they would like.

When they arrive and sit down aunty does Lakshmi aarti, aunty calls Shalu and Bani, RK says they will have to move and see if the whole lot is over, Ayush asks what does it imply, aunty. Then tries to hide it however Bani says she has referred to as them as RK and will have to give an explanation for its which means, Shalu says they have got cooked the whole lot. Aunty asks Lakshmi when is Rishi going to come back as they’re additionally going for their honeymoon these days, Rishi enters the home and says aunty has overlooked him very fondly so he got here, aunty then Aarti. When Rishi comes to take a seat aunty says that she is excited that Rishi is the son in legislation of their space and from this type of wealthy circle of relatives, Rishi recollects that he’s now not part of that circle of relatives however aunty says that blood Relationships by no means finish. Lakshmi will get a decision from Bau ji so she solutions, Dadi right away takes the decision from Lakshmi and additionally blesses her and advises her to not concern, Lakshmi replies that she isn’t anxious about anything else. , Dadi asks why then she was once anxious concerning the circle of relatives the day prior to this she explains that such scenarios stay coming in lifestyles, Dadi offers the decision to Virendra who tells that he has made all of the arrangements so he will have to leave on time and You will have to be comfy as a result of the whole lot can be high quality. Dadi tells Virendra that Lakshmi and Rishi will have to be ready to keep away from the circle of relatives, as they can’t alternate Neelam’s conduct.

Malishka offers cash to the motive force who’s stunned to look such a lot cash, she asks him to show her to pressure as she has to pressure, she sits at the using seat when the motive force asks her to rent him as she Will needs to finish the paintings however Malishka will get indignant at him and says that he will have to best educate her the best way to pressure.

Rishi was once consuming with Lakshmi when aunty tries to serve extra meals however Rishi says he has eaten numerous issues however can not devour anymore, Lakshmi additionally says he has eaten so much, Shalu Rishi Asks how did they prefer the meals? Ayush right away explains that it’s beneath reasonable, listening to which Shalu will get anxious and says that she has checked the whole lot, Rishi praises Shalu for the meals announcing that Ayush is solely teasing him, Ayush this. Shocked announcing that Rishi modified in one day, Lakshmi on the other hand defends Ayush. Praises him for all the time taking her aspect, Lakshmi then asks Ayush how he preferred the meals, he replies that it’s truly excellent however no longer like Lakshmi as a result of she is the most productive, Shalu takes the thali when Ayush tells that he additionally praised her meals however lied a bit, listening to which Shalu will get stunned and everybody begins smiling.

Malishka is using the truck remembering the moments spent with Rishi and how a lot they each have been in love, she sees Rishi and Lakshmi’s automotive.

Lakshmi is smiling when Rishi says that he’s glad that the whole lot came about as in step with his want, when Lakshmi says that the trunk of the auto may be very giant however nonetheless there was once numerous stuff, Rishi replies that those are presents and not anything else. will have to by no means be refused. take them. While using the truck, Malishka thinks that this automotive would be the closing automotive by which she is going to sit down.

In the room Sonal may be very anxious about what Malishka goes to do and says that she has been in love with Rishi since youth, she thinks that she concept Malishka was once simply venting out her anger however what can she do to forestall him. Sonal thinks of speaking to her. Kiran thinks she is going to certainly concentrate to her mom however stops pondering what if Malishka does not even concentrate to her mom as she went to inform Rishi the entire reality. And will even inform Lakshmi, so if Rishi reveals out that Malishka is making an attempt to kill Lakshmi he’ll actually move loopy, Sonal may be very anxious pondering what she will do.

Rishi says that dad and grandma each gave a really nice marvel as he by no means concept that he would get this type of great reward, Rishi sees a biker coming using the motorbike carelessly, so Lakshmi advises him to watch out. Rishi unexpectedly stops the auto whilst the rider is smiling, Rishi walks out angrily so the experience is going away whilst Rishi is indignant. Lakshmi is stunned to look that the Mangal Sutur is damaged and will get anxious, Rishi comes again to the auto and asks Lakshmi if she is ok, she replies that the Mangal Sutur is damaged and she feels That her lifestyles is in peril, Rishi asks what she is speaking about. Explaining that she does no longer consider in those superstitions, Lakshmi says that she is announcing this no longer best as a result of Mangal Sutur however she in fact Believing that her lifestyles is in peril, Malishka in the end will get into the using seat as soon as once more.

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