Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update.  Tiwari takes his revenge

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update. Tiwari takes his revenge

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update.  Tiwari takes his revenge

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Malkhan, Tika David and Vibhu together. Vibhu says Malkhan and Teeka are you trying to bring down Tillu or sending me and calls Tillu and says how David lives on other’s money. David says you are disrespecting me. Vibhu says calm down let’s go somewhere else and celebrate somewhere else. Tika tells Vibhu to enjoy here. They both leave.

Tiwari is waiting on the chair for Happu and Bon Squad. Fufaji came out with the goods. Angoori asks him not to go. Fufaji says when I am not getting any respect then why should I stay here and curse Tiwari and says he is sitting here since I came, not moving at all. Angoori says I feel very ashamed because of you Tiwari and says I feel guilty. Fufaji sees Tiwari and leaves. Angoori shouts at Tiwari and leaves.
Happu goes to Tiwari with the bomb squad and starts searching for the bomb. The man found the bomb and said it is a fan someone fooled you and he left. Happu asks Tiwari to help him get up. Tiwari gets up and starts dancing. Happu asks who has placed the fake bomb on your chair. Tiwari says I suspect only one person Vibhu. Happu says yes you can be right. Tiwari says I have a plan for him and I request you to ignore him when he calls. Happu says I request you to come with me your boy Tillu is trying to commit suicide then please come with me, he is calling you. Tiwari says he cannot die I know. Happu says he has written my and your name in the suicide note. Tiwari gives him money and says leave. Happu take the money and go away.

Tiwari walks in at Vibhu’s window and plants a bomb and leaves. David and Vibhu enter the house. Vibhu sat on the chair. David tells Vibhu that I feel good after drinking with you, looks like I was having fun with my college friends. Vibhu makes fun of her. Tiwari calls Vibhu. Vibhu pickup. Tiwari tells Vibhu that you are having fun and you will explode. Vibhu asks who is speaking. Tiwari says real psycho Saiya. Vibhu says in shock what do you want from me. Tiwari says I want your life, you were playing with my name, I have planted bomb under your chair and don’t get up or else you will die. Vibhu says you are doing the same as I did with Tiwari. Tiwari says yes and terms and conditions are same, you will not talk to anyone and if you try then you will die. David asks what happens. Vibhu says look under my sofa can you find bomb. David looks up and says yes it is there and his back is hurt. Vibhu asked what happened. David says that I am unable to move. Tiwari was laughing outside the window. Vibhu says what should I do and calls Happu, says please come to my house and there is emergency. Happu ignores her and hangs up the phone. Vibhu says he is not coming, what should we do. Anu to Vibhu video call. He picks her up and greets her. Anu says I am not in mood, listen to me I don’t have time, my investor is coming so go upstairs and give him red color file which is kept in cupboard and please don’t be a fool. David cried out in pain. Ask Anu what is this. Vibhu says this is David he is doing yoga. Anu says okay, handle the situation carefully and good luck. Vibhu tells David that there is a situation that we have to do Anita’s work, we need to get the file and give it to her investor and if we don’t do that then everything will be bad and if I wake up then we will die. Will go Tiwari walks to the main door and calls Anu and goes to Vibhu and asks him how are you. Vibhu says what are you doing here. Tiwari says yes I know you pranked me with bomb. Vibhu says yes same happened with me too please help. Tiwari sees the bomb and says you deserve it and wait for other things also, he leaves something behind him and says we are snakes. Vibhu got scared. David says don’t move or it will get hit. Vibhu says hurry it up, please do something. Tiwari says now you can choose the path of your death, either by snake or by bomb. Vibhu cries and says I request you please help. Tiwari says beg from that snake. Anu picks up Vibhu’s video call. Anu says client is nearby and ask her what is happening with you when you are laughing or crying. Vibhu says Tiwari has played game with me please save me Anu. Tiwari took the phone and congratulated him. Ask Anu what is happening. Tiwari says I am very sorry but Vibhu played with me and narrated the whole story to him and says I did the same. Anu says I apologize. Tiwari says there is no need to apologize and it is a lesson for him and if we talk about snake then it is a toy and give him the phone. Vibhu apologizes to Anu and she faints. Ask Anu what happened Vibhu. David says don’t worry Anu I will help you.

Malkhan and Tika are playing. Tillu stands up and tells him that I am hungry please do something. Teeka asks Malkhan to order food for her and choose cash in delivery. Tillu says I don’t have cash. The commentary says, die on an empty stomach. Tillu says you are worse than Tiwari. Malkhan started scolding her for her behaviour. Happu comes in and says if he will die then his share of beating will be yours and ask Tillu when will you die. Tillu says but you will not let me jump. Happu takes out his gun and threatens him. Malkhan and Tika shout. Happu slaps him. Happu started counting. Tillu says wait I am coming downstairs, I am not leaving my vaccine and malkhan. Happu tells Malkhan and Teeka that Tiwari told me that he will not jump. Tillu tries to come down but falls on Happu. Happu in pain Tillu says I am alive. Teeka says to Tillu let’s go and enjoy. Malkhan tells Teeka, Tillu does not have Pipa. Tillu takes money from Happus’ pocket and leaves.

Ammaji calls Tiwari in the hall. Tiwari goes to Ammaji and tells that Angoori is going back to her home forever. Ammaji is in shock. Angoori goes to them and says what are you saying Tiwari, she goes to Ammaji and hugs her and wishes her mother’s day. Ammaji asks are you seriously going back. Tiwari says stammering that I didn’t tell you that Ammaji will be shocked to know that you are going back so she will run and come here so that you can wish her mother’s day. Ammaji starts beating him. Angoori says Tiwari told me that you are going on holiday with Pandit Ramphal, so I call you to wish you all the best. Ammaji says you love me a lot and asks Tiwari if it tastes of pineapple. Three of them celebrate Mother’s Day. Tiwari asks where are you going on vacation. Ammaji says Las Vegas.



Update credits: Tanaya

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