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Tiwari calls Angoori and asks her to get the food quickly, Angoori says there is some more time. Tiwari is very angry. Angoori asks what is wrong, Tiwari says very hungry.
A child walks into the kitchen and pours a lot of salt into the lentils and leaves. Angoori tells Tiwari that salad and papad will also be available, Tiwari says just give me food.
Angoori gives dal to Tiwari, Tiwari bites and spits, Angoori asks what is wrong, Tiwari says it is too salty, and scolds Angoori, Angoori says enough is enough and tastes again as you like will come

David tells Vibhu that all will be well with this ring, Vibhu says then why I was killed, David says sometimes it happens. Vibhu asks how can you be sure, David says because my secretary name is Neelam, Frenchie David’s lawyer calls him and says his wife got video with Neelam and he is losing the case.
David asks Vibhu to remove the ring.

Angoori goes to attend the call, the boy again goes to the kitchen and puts chilli powder in the dal and leaves. Angoori comes inside, Vibhu goes to her and greets, Angoori says I am making Chole Poori, Vibhu says I like it, Angoori thinks I gave namkeen food to Tiwari yesterday, me First let Vibhu taste it, and serves him a bowl. Vibhu bites him and his face starts burning.
Vibhu gets restless and asks for water. Saxena walks up to him and talks of blind faith. Vibhu leaves with a burning mouth.

Tiwari goes to master and says now you should become principal, master says big people have to deal a lot, Tiwari says ok. Teelu goes to master mocks him but master scolds Tiwari and whispers that Teelu is Teeka, Teelu says he is in worst case we need 5000 more. The master leaves.
Teeka and Malkan join them, Tilu asks where is the bike, Teeka says no. Tiwari asks where are you going, Teeka asks to buy Neelam stone, Tiwari laughs at them. Tiwari says I don’t believe all this, Teeka says yes but your father does and everyone laughs at Tiwari.

Gupta is ready to cut Vibhu’s finger, Vibhu says I can’t, David says you have to, Vibhu says what will Anu say and I can’t cut my finger. Saxena says why not trust superstition.

Tiwari asks Angoori to bring water. Amaji walks in and goes to the kitchen and gives Tiwari water, and then slaps him. Tiwari asks when did you come. Amaji says how dare you bother my bahu, Tiwari says no, Amaji calls Angoori and asks her how Tiwari is behaving, Angoori says I was just joking, Amaji says don’t be afraid tell me. Angoori says I got angry so I said so. Tiwari gets a call that his deal has been cancelled. Angoori says oh god, Amaji says this because you bother Angoori, Tiwari says I didn’t, I think something bad is happening, Angoori asks Amaji to talk to Pandit Rampal.

Vibhu is trying to get his ring, David goes to her with saw, Vibhu says have you lost it, you can’t, David says you will be wasted, we will give you new finger later Will give you, now let me bite. Vibhu says it will be painful and pulls his ring and he comes out. David says let it sell, Vibhu asks whom, David says let’s try stupid, Vibhu says dare you.

TMT takes their rings and goes to eat. Malkan kisses his ring, Malkan says this restaurant closes early everyday but because of our ring it is open and orders biryani, owner says biryani is over. In a fight with the TMT boss, Happu walks in, Tilu says he is the culprit. The owner says that he started the hotel is closed but kept on forcing. Happu slaps TMT and asks them to arrest

Vibhu goes to Angoori while she is performing the aarti. Vibhu praises Angoori for her devotion and says Tiwari is lucky to have wife like you, Angoori says I am too, to have her as husband, Vibhu says I don’t agree with you. Bad deeds are the reason for that. Angoori says shut up I prayed to marry her and booked her for next life. Vibhu says so stupid and leaves.

Pre Cap: Angoori asks Tiwari, Pandit Rampal to wear a sapphire ring. Vibhu and David listen, disguise themselves and sell the ring to Tiwari.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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