Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Jul 18, 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhu gets a contract.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Jul 18, 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhu gets a contract.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Jul 18, 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhu gets a contract.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai July 18, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Angoori on the phone. Vibhu approaches her and is mesmerized by her beauty. Angoori makes fun of his unemployment on call and hangs up. Angoori greets Vibhu. Vibhu, who was on the phone? And did she call him unemployed? Angoori answers because it’s you. angoori leaves. Prems pulls up behind Vibhu and asks him what’s going on? Vibhu says he will not understand. Prem tells him that he won’t be unemployed anymore because there are vacancies for gutter cleaners. Vibhu says so what? Prem replies did you feel good when someone called you unemployed? Vibhu asks Prem to guide him. Prem suggests he check the contractor first to see if he’s taking bribes.

Tiwari sits in his house and reads the newspaper. Someone rings the doorbell and Tiwari asks Angoori to check the door. Angoori opens the door and is very excited after seeing her mother. Angoori and her mother are sitting with Tiwari. Bhuri asks what is the program for her birthday? Tiwari tells her that they will celebrate her birthday with full excitement and will prepare a good amount of food. Angoori also agrees. But Bhuri tells them Pandit Ramfal predicted she will starve to death by analyzing her natal chart. Angoori is worried. Bhuri says he also gave a measure of how to deal with it. He said that she has to eat sweets every 2 hours. Tiwari says it’s not a measure but a necessity for her. Bhuri beats Tiwari. Angoori calms Bhuri down.

Vibhu calls Prem on the phone and tells him that he already checked out the officer and he’s taking a lot of bribes. It will be easy to get a contract from him. David asks him what he’s talking about? Vibhu hangs up and tells David about the situation. Anu rushes up to Vibhu and tells him that her nursing courses are based on being taken on. But Vibhu and David ignore them and continue to talk about winning the contract and Vibhu explains the guidelines to David. Anu asks them why they ignore them!? Vibhu tells Anu that they are already discussing an important topic. Anu asks Vibhu where the property papers of her nursing courses are. Vibhu replies that he always keeps all important papers in the locker. Vibhu and David leave.
Tiwari comes in and asks Anu why does she look disappointed? Anu says this, she is tense. Tiwari asks her how he can help her. He is even willing to sacrifice his life. Anu says the property of her nursing course will be taken so let this guy slack you off so he can rest in prison and she gets her property back. Tiwari is shocked. Anu taunts him again. Anu asks Tiwari if he thinks he has a lawyer. Tiwari says yes, he knows many lawyers.

Vibhu sits with the contractor. The contractor greets vibhu and says he is an interesting person and what can he do for him? Vibhu gets emotional and asks for the contract. Contractor says it’s not easy. what will he get Vibhu says whatever you want. Schütz charges 5 lakhs. Vibhu shakes his hand.

Happu Singh comes into David’s salon and tells David how to give a massage. TMT comes in too and sits behind the saloon. Teeka asks David for a job. David says he has no work for him. Happu suggests they drown in a pothole. Vibhu also appears. Teeka asks Vibhu for work. Happu says that Vibhu will not help them even if he is unemployed. Vibhu says he has a contact and is hiring TMT. Vibhu pats Teeka on the back and leaves.

Anu fights for her property when called. Very excited, Vibhu goes to Anu and says he has good news. Anu asks what is that? Vibhu tells her that he got an order to clean all the gutters. Anu is disappointed.

Ammaji asks TMT if you covered this shaft properly. Vibhu says if you have doubts why don’t you dance over it and jump on it to check. Ammaji and TMT dance, Ammaji jumps and falls into the drainage system.

Update credit to: Tanaya

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