Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti gets the post of traffic officer


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain 13th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Vibhu is going to Angoori in the morning. Vibhu says it’s unfair that she does not even make eye touch. Angoori says on every occasion he says one thing she gets at a loss for words. Vibhu tells Angoori that he’s satisfying his accountability as a neighbour. Angoori suggests him to perform a little tasks as a operating individual. Vibhu says he’s looking forward to some paintings which is appropriate for him. Angoori says her time can also be over. A thief passes by means of them on a motorcycle. A traffic police officer is operating in the back of him to catch him. Angoori suggests Vibhu to visit the police officer for lend a hand. Vibhu says officer can care for the state of affairs higher than him. Angoori says that she could be very sympathetic to the traffic cops and leaves.

Anu and Tiwari are consuming coconut water after a stroll. Anu asks Tiwari about his trade. Tiwari says that he does now not suppose that this trade will likely be a hit in the close to long run. Anu asks if everybody will forestall dressed in below clothes in long run? Tiwari says, sure. Anu gets at a loss for words. Prem comes and he’s chatting with his buddy on his telephone. Prem says how his buddy had borrowed cash from him to shop for vans for his trade, and now his buddy has 5 vans and congratulates him for any other truck. Prem disconnects the name and congratulates Tiwari. Tiwari requested Prem what used to be he chatting with his buddy? Prem tells about his buddy’s trade. Tiwari asks if this trade is successful? Prem says, sure. Prem begins bragging about himself once more. Anu gets annoyed. Love is going away. Anu tells Prem that she does not like Prem, he all the time boasts about himself. Tiwari additionally is of the same opinion with him. Anu says, however Prem is a superb businessman. Tiwari additionally is of the same opinion with him. Anu says that he will have to all the time be told excellent issues from other people. Tiwari means that he will have to get started his personal delivery trade.

The commissioner instructed Happu that the minister used to be caught in traffic for approximately 3 hours. He says that there’s congestion on the street and cars can move via Ram Narayan Market. Manohar urged that they will have to make the street one-way. The commissioner asks him to stay quiet, as they want executive permission for this. Happu means that they will have to block the street. The Commissioner tells Happu that he’s now not worthy of his post. Manohar laughed. The commissioner says that they lack the manpower to keep an eye on the state of affairs. The commissioner says that he has been transferred to the traffic police division. Happu is stunned.

Two individuals are arguing in street rage. Happu comes and tries to keep an eye on the state of affairs, however he additionally begins arguing with them. Now, the commissioner comes and orders them to take away their cars from this street. An individual stated that he wanted 3 thousand rupees. Happu begins beating each of them. The commissioner requested them what they sought after to take their cars for. They ask for Rs 6,000 from the commissioner. The commissioner is of the same opinion and asks for Rs 3,000 from Happu. Happu is stunned and refuses. Happu asks the commissioner however he additionally refuses. Happu tells the commissioner that the accountability of this traffic officer will have to be given to Vibhu.

Anu and Tiwari are interviewing Tillu. Anu asks Tillu if he is aware of tips on how to power? Tillu says that he can power really well. Tillu says that he can power higher when inebriated. Anu interrupts and says that she is not going to entertain this behaviour. Tillu and Tiwari get started arguing as a result of of their previous. Anu asks Tillu about his wage, she tells Tillu that he’ll get 20 thousand monthly. Tillu gets excited. Tiwari asks Anu to provide him 6 thousand and we could him move. Anu denies and tells Tiwari that that is the downside.

Happu is managing the traffic and Vibhu is sitting close to him at the junction. Vibhu asks Happu why did he name him? Happu asks Vibhu if he desires a role in police? Vibhu asks about the task. Happu tells Vibhu that he’ll transform a traffic police officer. Vibhu recollects Angoori telling him about her sympathy in opposition to the traffic police officer. Happu begins wondering Vibhu about the task. Vibhu offers all the solutions cleverly. While asking the query, Happu used to be hit by means of a motorcycle.

Tillu tells Tiwari and Anu that Vibhu has imposed a effective of Rs 2,000 on him.

Precap: Anu tells Vibhu Tiwari and she or he has opened a delivery corporate named “Anita Transport”. Vibhu tells Anu that he has additionally transform a traffic police officer.

Vibhu stops Tillu and fines him 2k.

Update Credit: Tanaya

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