Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Attempt to dispose of Singhania’s dead body


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain eleventh October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The commissioner requested Tiwari if he might nonetheless open his police station in his home? Tiwari says that he had already warned him and refused at the moment, in any other case he can be the son of two fathers. The Commissioner agrees and says that certainly one of his fathers died at his beginning and the opposite raised him. Vibhu says he would not care, he cannot open police station inside the home. The commissioner tells Vibhu that this home belongs to Tiwari, and he can’t take selections on his behalf. Vibhu says he’s his neighbour. Angoori additionally agrees and says that Vibhu is their well-wisher. The commissioner requested Tiwari why he was not discovering his drawback. Happu replies, that now they’re already right here, they won’t return. Happu and Commissioner go to gather their baggage. Tiwari and Vibhu seize the physique and run again inside.

Tiwari, Vibhu and Angoori are pondering what to do with the useless physique. Vibhu means that they need to throw the physique out of the window. Angoori agrees, and says they’ll inform everybody that there’s a mattress contained in the bag. Tiwari says Happu will catch them. Angoori begins crying and says that she ought to give up. Vibhu and Tiwari calm him down. Vibhu says an thought got here.

Happu, Commissioner and Manohar have arrange the whole police station inside Tiwari’s home. The commissioner says that it’s actually very stress-free right here. The commissioner requested Manohar to carry tea for him.
Manohar brings tea for the commissioner and Happu. They are sitting within the visitor space. Tiwari, Vibhu and Angoori carry the useless physique down the steps. The commissioner checked out them and requested, what’s contained in the bag? Tiwari replies, samples of undergarments. Angoori says there may be undoubtedly no physique inside. Happu will get as much as examine the bag. Tiwari complained to the commissioner. The commissioner requested Happu to take a seat again. Tiwari and Vibhu develop into relieved.

Vibhu and Tiwari carry the physique out and Angoori is seen within the balcony. Saxena is digging the whole highway. Tiwari asks Saxena to cease. Saxena asks them to throw their stuff close to the digging, as Angoori had given them permission. Tiwari begins stammering and shouts at Saxena. Saxena asks why are they scared like they’re carrying a useless physique contained in the bag. Tiwari turned much more scared. Tiwari denies and asks Saxena if he actually needs to see what’s contained in the bag? Saxena says, sure.
Anu passes him and tells Vibhu that she is leaving the home endlessly. Tiwari asks Anu why is she doing this? Anu tells Tiwari that Vibhu isn’t worthy of her. Saxena agrees with him. Vibhu asks Tiwari to ask the rationale. Vibhu tells Tiwari that Anu is leaving as a result of he was serving to them. Tiwari tries to calm Anu down and requests her to not go. Anu goes again inside because the highway is totally dug up.

Tiwari and Vibhu carry the useless physique again inside their home. Angoori begins crying and says that she ought to give up herself. Vibhu says his mind isn’t working anymore. Tiwari remembers that Tika and Tillu opened their supply enterprise. Tiwari tells Vibhu that they need to take assist from Teeka and Tillu.

Teeka and Tillu examine the bag. Tika places her hand contained in the bag and feels various things. Tiwari covers it up and makes excuses. Tillu takes out hair from the bag. Vibhu tells them that it’s Tiwari’s wig.
Tika asks for the supply deal with and the identify of the particular person choosing it up. Tiwari says that it’s subsequent to the graveyard and graveyard. Tika will get scared. Vibhu provides them instructions to achieve there. Tiwari and Vibhu assist them in lifting the luggage.

Precap: Tillu and Tika take the luggage for supply. When they opened the bag, a useless physique was mendacity inside it. Teeka and Tillu get scared and convey the physique again to Tiwari’s home.
Tiwari will get scared and calls Vibhu again to his home.
Vibhu suggests Angoori to behave as if she is fed up with Tiwari and leaving the home.

Update Credit: Tanaya

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