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Tiwari, Angoori, Ammaji in the hall. Happu Singh hid behind Ammaji’s chair. Vibhuti Chalu disguised as a smooth aunt. Tiwari flirts with her. Vibhu says you are teasing him. Angoori beats him and says why are you teasing. Tiwari says try to understand. Ammaji tells Angoori to calm down. Vibhu says what do you all think about us, whenever you want me to drink tea and leave me. Tiwari says I will not leave you today. Vibhuti tells Ammaji did you teach her to talk to women and tells Angoori that your husband is rude, you should divorce him. Angoori says how is it possible. Ammaji asks him to calm down and tells Vibhu that he is my son and I am sorry it is all because of his circle, he spends most of his time with our neighbor. Vibhuti says that he is a decent boy. Tiwari asks him if he is your lover. Vibhuti says remove him in front of my eye and says please call customer I am not here to waste my time. Angoori says customer please come out. Tiwari says he is client. We need to call his client and ask him to come out. Happu Singh stands up to her and says I am your real customer. Vibhu makes fun of her. Happu tells Ammaji I like her hair. Ask Ammaji do you like it? He says yes. Ammaji, get up and take off your wig. Everyone is shocked seeing Vibhu. Angoori give him the stick. Ammaji hit him with a stick. Vibhu says beating me bothers you all but you don’t understand my pain how many people insulted me and I understand that I have done wrong and I am sorry for all. Ammaji starts beating him again. Vibhu disrespects her and runs away.

In the garden, Angoori waters the plants and sings. Vibhu goes to her. Angoori gets scared of him and says stay away from me. Vibhu says why are you being rude with me. Angoori says stop your rudeness first tell when did you take bath last time. Vibhu says I take bath twice a day. Angoori says to go from here only twice. Vibhu says I should take a bath 10 times a day. Angoori says I take bath 12 times in a day so you are smelling go from here. Vibhu says this is not fair and I do not like that you are telling me that I am dirty. Angoori says you are dirty and I can smell your foul smell, it feels like rotten fist. Vibhu says what are you talking about I smell good. Angoori makes fun of him. Vibhu says you have thrown Tiwari out till now. Angoori says she smells good, she is very clean. Vibhu he is dirty have you check his toe how big they are and hate him. Angoori says shut up whatever you are saying and there is stink and she leaves.

Tiwari comes out and says if you are unemployed it doesn’t mean everyone is. Vibhuti says forget it first tell what happens to Angoori. Tiwari says that he has Obsessive Compressive Disorder. Vibhu says it was not happening to him earlier, Tiwari says we had treated it but it comes back, Vibhu says you are responsible for all this, because of tension you shebis had to go through this. Tiwari says shut up unemployed, both start abusing each other. Tiwari finally shouts to stay away from my wife and go away.

While discussing TMT wedding, Teeka says it is important to attend marriage, Tilu asks why, Teeka says we have non-veg food. Tilu says you will go like this, they will throw you out, you are looking like a beggar. Prem goes to them, Teelu and Teeka discuss how to manage money for nice clothes and seeing Prem and wishing him and asking for his help, Vibhu joins them. Tilu says we have to do kanyadan in marriage and we will return your money, Prem says I am not giving any money, Vibhu says give me some money I want to play poker, Prem says money here and 75% will be my profit, Vibhu says done and hands over money to TMT and asks him to throw garbage every time he sees Tiwari.

On a call to the colony with his aunt, Tiwari, the master walks up to him and greets him. Tiwari asks master how is he, master says salary is not increasing and kids need more money, Tiwari says do something, give some money to officers, master gets angry. TMT come there and throw garbage at Tiwari, say it was by mistake and apologize. Tiwari slaps him and leaves.
Tiwari knocks on the door and Angoori opens the door, says I am happy to see you, take a bath and then come inside, Tiwari says where will I take bath, Angoori says I don’t know, Tiwari tries to convince her. But she closes the door.
Tiwari knocks on Mishra’s house, Vibhu opens the door, Tiwari goes inside, Vibhu stops him and says you are stinking, Tiwari requests him to allow him to use the bathroom, Vibhu says Which, Tiwari says upstairs, Vibhu says Anu will get upset, so go down. Tiwari says fine and goes.

Vibhu asks TMT to ruin Tiwari, when he comes back from bathroom TMT agrees and leaves.
Vibhu goes to meet Angoori, Angoori asks her to stop and says I will check you first, that you are not dirty, Vibhu says I have bathed every part of my body, Angoori says keep your nails and Show your teeth, Angoori says well. Angoori asks how many times did you take bath, Vibhu says every hour. Angoori says oh then we take bath together, Vibhu blushes. Gupta comes in, Vibhu asks why are you here. Gupta says I am here to cure Bhabhiji and you are troubling me, Angoori says to Vibhu, go bath, Vibhu goes.

TMT is waiting for Tiwari to come out, Vibhu calls TMT and says Tiwari is coming out, be ready.
Tiwari walks out, and sees TMT again with the basket and you throwing garbage at him. Tiwari slaps them and scolds them.
Angoori goes to Tiwari and smells him, Vibhu says you smell her, she is dirty about OCD, Angoori says Gupta treated me, Gupta says now Bhabhiji likes unclean things Will come Angoori says Tiwari, I like this smell come with me and take her, Vibhu gets upset.

Pre Cap: Amaji asks Tiwari and Angoori to adopt age 20-25 as Rampal’s solution to get rid of the negativity.
Saxena’s twin comes out of jail and says you ruined my life, now I will ruin yours.
Saxena appeals to Vibhu and David for help but is kidnapped.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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