BGMI 2.0 Update has started its rollout, and players can immediately start experiencing all the features that have been included with the release. The official release of Livik Map, which includes various updates and innovations such as XT Weapons and Zipline, is one of the most attractive aspects of the new version.

BGMI 2.0 Update

It’s been a few months since the consecutive 1.9 improvements were first implemented, so this is a quick reminder. As a direct result of this, everyone in the game industry is eagerly waiting for the significant growth that Crafton 2.0 will provide. The new Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.0 update is scheduled to be released between now and May 15, with May 13 being the most likely release date. The update is a part of the game’s other major content release. The patch notes were made available on Crafton’s website last evening in both Hindi and English languages. This highlights the fact that reform is only a few steps away.

Apk name Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk (BGMI Apk)
obb file name coming soon
version 2.0.0
file size 721 MB
Publisher Crafton Inc.
Support Android 5.0 and up
Android update 13 May 2022
iOS update 14 May 2022

The latest updates are made available for iOS users around 4:00 PM IST, while Android users have to wait till 11:00 PM. It has been speculated that the next 2.0 update will entice players beyond their wildest dreams, just like prior iterations of the game.

It is already public knowledge what the patch will do. It is also well known that the update will bring a plethora of new content that will significantly enhance the overall quality of the gaming experience.

BGMI 2.0 Update Download

Livik will see significant advancements, such as new weapons, a new utility task vehicle, recall towers, supply shops, and more.

BGMI 2.0 Update

In Livik, players will have the opportunity to participate in various minigames, including random crates and treasure maps, wild berries, soccer challenges, storage rooms, and ziplines.

  • Emergency pickup is a new feature available in Erangel and Miramar. With this function, players will be able to summon a plane and fly towards the safe zone.
  • Adjustments will be made to weapons like the S12K and S1897.
  • The most recent update will bring about the availability of Cycle 2 Season 6 and Month 11 Royal Pass.

Significant adjustments will also be made to the Ban Pan system, resulting in an improved player experience and the addition of additional anti-cheat tools, review mechanisms and security measures.

BGMI 2.0 Android APK

Specific examples of important new features included in version 2.0 are:

1) A small football match at Cheer Park

The football minigame will be one of the fun activities in the cheer park. Along with spending quality time with friends, people can enjoy it to the fullest. It should come as no surprise that in order for players to score, they must get the ball inside the goalpost.

2) Pickup in case of emergency

The ‘Emergency Pickup’ feature will largely affect how the game is played overall. As was just explained, both the Erangel and Miramar maps would make it possible to see it. Using this, players will be able to approach an aircraft and then parachute down to the area of ​​their choice.

3) Shotgun Balancing

The game’s creators have increased the long-range damage that shotguns can cause in the 2.0 patch.

How to Download BGMI 2.0 Update?

Follow below instructions to get bgmi v2.0 apk and obb file.

  • The first step is downloading the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK from the URL given below.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu, then click Privacy & Security. Make it possible to install software from unknown sources. You can skip this step if you have already made the necessary adjustments and activated it.
  • As third step install BGMI version 2.0 app.
  • After the installation is finished, go to step 4, where you will copy the OBB file and paste it in Android > obb > com.pubg.imobile. It would be best if you make sure that the OBB file is named If it’s not the name of the file, you need to change it.

BGMI Play Store Link

Significant changes will be made to the Ban Pan security system in 2022 and they will be included in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update. The new system will be referred to as Baan PAN Security System 2.0. This will include a number of different security measures, such as the ability to attach a cell number. Developers will also create anti-cheating methods that are both more intelligent and faster.

If your health points drop, you can easily get them back by consuming available berries; You won’t need to use straps or any other kind of boost.

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